Chapter Fifty-One ~ Back To That Day

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*Hazel's POV*

Liam and I were standing in the kitchen sharing a salad when Louis burst in and roughly threw open the fridge door, grabbing a bag of carrots. "You alright, Lou?" Liam asked hesitantly. "Do I look alright to you?" he retorted a bit harshly. "l mean really; does anyone in this house look alright?" I passed a cautious glance with Liam and slid off the bar stool, slipping past Louis and going to find Eleanor. I carefully opened her and Louis' bedroom door and I saw a suitcase on the bed with clothes being flung out of the closet.

"E-EI?" I whispered. She peeked her head out of the closet and she slightly smiled at me. "What are you doing?" A frown appeared on her face and she disappeared again. "I'm going to a hotel. I can't take all of this right now. My hair is freaking falling out and I feel like shooting myself in the face." Despite her words, she was oddly calm. I pitied her, realizing how she must feel.

She shoved all of the clothes she'd picked out into a bag and shimmied on her coat, draping the bag over her shoulder. "Feel free to text me if you need to come, hunny," she said as she walked around me, hugging me as she went. How she could care about me during all of this brought a small smile to my face. She was such a good friend.

"Save one of the beds," I laughed slightly. "l just might take you up on that offer." I followed a little ways behind her as she walked to the front door and closed it behind her, not saying bye to Louis. I guess they had gotten in a fight. I felt like ripping my hair out and I ran upstairs, grabbing my coat to keep the cold late-fall air off my skin. I turned around to leave the room and bumped into someone. "Are you leaving?" Liam asked a bit frantically.

"Not for good," I promised him. "l just- I need to take a walk. You should, too." He nodded. "I'll probably take one of the lads to the gym with me. Keep your phone turned on." He kissed my cheek, making me blush, and I walked out of the house. I wandered down the side walk, towards the entrance to the neighborhood. The quiet, empty street was really calming and I let the wind carry away my problems.

*Liam's POV*

I went to Harry's room and knocked on his door softly. "Come in," he called and I opened it, slipping inside. "Hey, Li."

"Hey," I greeted him. "Do you want to go to the gym with me? I could use a good work out and you look like you could, too." He stood up from his bed and nodded. "That sounds like a genius idea." "Great. Get ready and meet me down stairs. I'll see if Niall or Louis want to go." I walked out of his room and knocked on Niall's door, not waiting to be offered in. "Harry and I are going to the gym, wanna come?" I asked him. He shrugged and stood up, walking into his closet.

I looked around for Louis, but I didn't find him. I went back to my room and found a pair of basketball shorts and a white tee shirt. I threw my Jack Wills sweatshirt over it and grabbed my car keys and phone, walking downstairs. Harry was in the same clothing arrangement as me and soon Niall came down with track pants and a jacket on.

We all piled into my car and I pulled out of the driveway, heading toward the gym. When I got there we all hopped out and went inside. I peeled off my sweatshirt, instantly going to a punching bag. Niall stopped opposite me and held it in place as I began to throw hits while Harry started lifting dumbbells next to us, that way we could all talk. "I'm. Sick of. Everything," Harry said through gritted teeth, pausing each time he lifted the heavy weights.

"Me too," I breathed as I continued hitting the sand-filled bag. "Zayn never," punch, "leaves his," another, "room." I grabbed the bag so that Niall could have a go. "Why," punch, "couldn't," punch, "she," punch, "tell us?" two punches. He looked up at us and asked, "l mean really? Everything is falling apart since Wynter left!" He threw a hard hit and I groaned a little as it hit my stomach.

Harry dropped the weights down to his sides. "l just don't get why Aqua and Scarlet can't tell us what chased her away. That reminded me of Hazel's secret, how she used to cut. A new, different anger rose in me and I began to beat on the bag. "They all. Have secrets. It's like. They can't even. Trust us!"

"What secret. Does Hazel have?" Niall wondered. I stopped short. Should I tell them? Hazel might not want me to. But at the same time, I've been hiding the fact that it bugged me and they were my best mates. I had to talk about this. I grabbed the bag and slightly leaned against it, becoming interested with the floor. "She used to cut," I muttered. I heard a thud and saw that Harry had dropped one of his dumbbells.

"She what?!" he asked, flabbergasted.

I nodded and repeated myself. "She gets bullied at school constantly and she had nobody to help her before we came along, so she used to cut. The thing that bugs me the most is she never told me! As if she expected me to treat her just like they did!" That was my breaking point, finally letting everything out. I collapsed on the ground and began to cry silently, soon being joined by the other two. "It's as if we never knew them," I whispered.

*Hazel's POV*

I was walking aimlessly, letting my feet guide me. I looked around at my surroundings, trying to recognize something. I saw a run down apartment building and it looked vaguely familiar so I walked closer to it. Something was tugging at the back of my brain and suddenly it all came back.


Wynter and I were walking around town, just hanging out. She'd been at my house the past couple of days since we didn't want Zayn to know what had happened to her. The area was pretty run down so neither of us really worried about him being nearby. She suddenly stopped and stared at a tall building. "What is it?"

"That's the place, " she whispered."Huh?" I asked extremely confused. She looked at me. "That's where I will go when I finally leave my dad. It says on the door that rent is cheap. That would be a perfect place. It's near Lauren's school and everything. A room on the top floor would be amazing. I'd have a view of the city, wake up to the beautiful sunshine each morning...

End of flashback.

I suddenly couldn't breathe as I recognized the building from that day, getting a hopeful idea. I sprinted towards the door and threw it open, my feet carrying me up every flight of stairs.

*Wynter's POV*

I was watching the sun set in my bedroom window when I heard the doorbell ring. I'd been expecting pizza, so I grabbed my wallet and stumbled towards the door. My unsteady legs made me lean against the wall for support. I opened the door while rummaging through the bills. "Oh, sorry miss I-" my head snapped up at the voice I easily recognized and I stared, completely shocked, at Hazel.


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