Chapter Forty-Six ~ She Never Could Call

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*Wynter's POV*

"Zayn, that's cold!" I shrieked when he splashed my used-to-be-dry torso with the sea water. "I'll warm you up then!" he replied quickly. He strode over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me against his warm chest. I hugged him back and tried to shove away the jitters. Usually the water would be heated by the sun, but considering rain clouds had been blocking the sun from last night, the sun hadn't been able to warm it yet.

I closed my life and took in the moment: thunder in the distance, Zayn's heartbeat against my cheek, the splashes and laughs from the others. Something wet and cold hit me from all sides except my front, which was guarded by Zayn, and I shrieked in shock. I heard Zayn gasp, too, so it isn't him splashing me, but everyone else. I squeezed my eyes shut and coughed when some of the horrid-tasting water got in my mouth.

"Swim!" Zayn said into my ear and we both dropped below the surface, kicking the sand and pushing away from them all. I followed Zayn to the rocks and just as I was about to break the surface I got a horrific feeling in my gut. It took me by surprise and I gasped, breathing in water. I shot to my feet and sputtered, bent forward to get to water out of my lungs. "Are you alright?!" Zayn asked from beside me, patting my back.

I shook my head since I was still coughing. When I was fine again, the feeling was still there and I was waking short breaths. "What's wrong," he asked, shaking me slightly. A little voice in my head returned. One that I haven't heard in a long time. Lie. "l think I swallowed some of it. I feel sick," I stuttered. He pulled himself out of the water and then lifted me out.

"Guys!" he called. "Come on, Wynter isn't feeling well." The others began to get out and dry off while Zayn wrapped his towel around me and carried me to the van. He sat next to me in the seats behind the driver and passenger and the others soon joined us. Zayn had my head resting on his lap, his fingers running through my hair soothingly and my eyes squeezed shut.

I was getting anxious and I couldn't stop shaking. Images of Sadie in my dreams, her body bloody and bruised, were flashing through my head and I wanted to scream. Nobody talked the whole ride and ten agonizing minutes later the van stopped. Everyone let Zayn and I out first, one of them being left to grab my bag and the wet towel I'd left on the seat.

"Take me to Paul's room," I said. He didn't reply, so I only hoped he heard me. Cool air surrounded my body and I guess we had walked into the hotel lobby. "Paul!" Zayn called and I heard footsteps jogging towards us. "Can we go to your room?"

"No!" someone exclaimed. Scarlet. "This happened to her when she was at my house once, it runs in her family." That was a lie, and I knew exactly what she was doing. If I could've shown my gratitude just then, I would've. "l know how to take care of this, so I'll stay with her."

It was a few minutes until Zayn agreed, but he did and he stood in the elevator with me and his arms and Scarlet beside us. Everyone else agreed to wait for the elevator. When it finally stopped after a few awkward seconds, I was hurriedly carried to Paul's room and Scarlet opened the door, letting Zayn and me in first. "Are you sure she'll be alright?" he asked her after he'd set me down on a bed.

"I've got it," she promised. "You just need to go and let me handle this." He pursed his lips and kissed my hair lightly before unwillingly leaving the room. As soon as he was gone, I snatched Scarlet's phone from her purse and dialed Lauren's number at the speed of light again and again. Every time she didn't pick up and by the fifth unsuccessful call I had tears running down my face and my hands were shaking.

"Scarlet, something has happened, I know it!" I cried out. "l can feel it!" (A/N: This is not a lie: mother's can sense when their child is in danger. I made her get the feeling about Lauren because she's practically Lauren's mom.) "Her phone never stays dead for this long!"

"Wynn, calm down," she cooed, rubbing my back. "Julie would've called, okay? She knows you care about Lauren a lot; she would've told you." Time froze and everything suddenly came together. I wanted to throw up. The nightmares had all been warnings of this happening, I just hadn't realized it. He had got her in every one and they had stopped when I got to Hawaii, meaning they would no longer help to catch my attention and tell me what was coming. Then I got the bad feelin yesterday at breakfast as another warning. And now this, only this feeling wasn't a warning.

This feeling was telling me that I was too late and something had already happened to Lauren. He had gotten her, and how do I know that? When the Devil got me, I lost my phone. Julie didn't have Zayn's number, or Aqua's, or Scarlet's. Only mine.

The only reason she never called was because she never could.

I shot up and sprinted into the bathroom, puking my guts out. "WYNTER!" Scarlet yelled. "S-she couldn't call!" I exclaimed, sight blurry because of the tears. I was a bundle of emotions right now: fear, anxiousness, scared, horror, guilt, despair. "l don't have my phone! She could never call to tell me!" "Oh my God..." she breathed in shock, realizing what was going on and what my words meant.

*Harry's POV*

We were all sitting in the living room of the suite sick with worry. Zayn was practically pulling his hair out while Aqua was pacing. Niall kept trying to get her to sit down, but she wouldn't. Wynter had gotten sick so suddenly and we were all scared, especially since it had apparently happened before. When my phone rang, I grabbed it without hesitation and answered it.

Before I could say anything, Scarlet exclaimed, "Get everything packed and book flight tickets!" I could hear someone sobbing in the background and I felt my stomach twist even more, my face draining of color. "W-why?" I asked shakily. Everyone's attention was on me. I heard her sniffle. "We have to go home now! Just do it! Pack Wynter's and my stuff, too." She ended the call and I shakily dropped the phone beside me.

"We're leaving in two hours," I said. Nobody asked questions, just shot to their feet and began to throw things in cases.

*Wynter's POV*

My tears had stopped a while ago, but my state was no better. Scarlet had packed Paul's suitcase for him and had forced me to change into pajama pants and one of Zayn's tee shirts. Now I was sitting on the bed with my knees pulled to my chest, biting my nails till they bled. My cheeks were puffy and tear stained, my eyes bloodshot. When the knock on the door sounded, we both sprinted to it and joined the others in the hall.

Zayn instantly enveloped me in a hug and I wanted nothing more than to stay there where everything was okay, but I couldn't. His hands went to my thighs, squeezing lightly. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his torso, his hands catching my butt from falling. I buried my face in his neck and tried to keep myself calm as we packed the van and left the hotel.

It was time for me to get back to reality and fix things. It was my fault they were worse than they should've been.

I just hope I still have time.

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