What turns him on and what turns you on {Preference}

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Jojen Reed: When you kiss his neck even softly it turns him on madly. When he says dirty things in your ear it turns you on so much when he does that.

Jonsnow: When you kiss down his chest he loves it. When he explores your body that turns you on.

Robb Stark: When you suck him off. When he fingers you. (hey your both just plain and simple)

Bran Stark: When you kiss him anywhere it can be his jaw or his neck basically anywhere he gets so turned on after it. When he bites your lip you love it and hey you like it rough.

Tommen Baratheon: If your naked or even only showing your thighs or your breasts off he gets so aroused from it and you love that you do that too him. He kisses down your stomach you love it more then anything it excites you the most.

Tyrion Lannister: He's turned on just thinking about fucking you he knows he gets too when you give him the fuck me eyes. It turns you on when he strokes places absolutely anywhere when it's skin on skin.

Oberyn Martel: He's hard to please you have to try different stuff every time be spontaneous to impress Oberyn. When you fuck somewhere different it really turns you on when your at risk of getting caught.

Joffrey Baratheon: It's a major turn on when you help him clean his crossbow or polish his swords. It gets him even more when he teaches you how to use them, he loves to watch your fascinated eyes travel over the weapon as his hands trail over your arms and waist to get you into position. But the major turn on for you is when he gets into bed after a long, 'hard' day of being king and he pins you to the bed and tells you all the things he plans to do to you, you do everything he says no questions asked.

Jamie Lannister: Whenever you get ready for bed you brush out your hair and take off all of your clothes, watching that is like honey to him. The thing he does that drives you wild is when he wins a duel or joust, the look on his face, the power in his eyes, the sweat on his body, the testosterone running through his veins. It makes you weak at the knees just thinking about it. So whenever he wins, you make sure to make his night extra special.

Khal Drogo: The Khal is a simple man, he loves everything you do. But when you ride your horse, it makes him an animal. The way you look, the way your body moves. It's hypnotic to the Horse King, making him want you to ride him like you do your stallion. And you, you love it when he wins a fight. Proving he's the best man in the whole tribe. It makes you feel very special, and women do love to feel special.

Ramsay Bolton: See you hunt is probably the best thing you could do to make him want to pin you down and fuck you made. The sight of you ending a life made him giddy, even though you thought it was sick. The things he did to you after made you forget what you had just done. And whenever Ramsay calls you his little pet you get all giddy inside and that makes you want to kiss him all over, the best part is when he gets to kiss you all over.

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