27 ; Chapter Twenty Seven

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song of the chapter is Panic at the Disco's This is Gospel

    "I didn't set out to kill her, Viv," Jake said as he walked slowly toward me with his hands in front of him as though trying to show me he meant no harm. But his non-threatening arm gestures didn't matter because I finally knew the truth.

    "Bullshit! You don't accidentally bash someone's head in," I replied, practically screaming at him.

Jake scrunched up his face and shook his head as though he was trying to contain his frustration, "shut up! Let me explain!" His fists were clenched and he had stopped in his place.

    "She came over, looking for you. I was in the process of moving all my things out and no-one was home," he started before he sat down on his old bed and squeezed his thighs in his hands. "Pandora found me downstairs, and freaked out. Started calling me a rapist which isn't true, Viv - you have to believe me," he continued, his voice turned pleading as he looking up at me with wide, sad eyes.

     "I found the letter-"

    "What letter?" Jake shot back, his eyes had shifted from upset to accusing in a matter of seconds, another characteristic so like Pandora's that it terrified me.

    "The one that Pandora actually wrote. The one that explained how she thought you were going to kill her because she had told me about how you raped her," I said, my voice surprisingly unwavering despite being opposite an unhinged murderer. "The one where she said sorry and goodbye, all while implicating you in her murder."

It was kind of ironic. My parents were never overly keen on Jake pursuing his love of literature. They wanted him to get a business degree but he refused to give up his dreams of being a novelist. He wanted to write hard hitting novels that left the reader feeling as though they had learnt something at the end. Jake wanted to go down in history as one of the 21st century's best writers. However instead of writing a book, he had committed a crime and had then set out to use his ability to write to take the heat off of him. He tried to rewrite the past by changing Pandora's letter into multiple that he would use to try and save himself. Jake did exactly what he hated Pandora for. He twisted the truth to protect himself.

Jake shot up from his seat, "you think you're so clever, don't you?" He started to move closer to me again, forcing me to back up until my back was against the wall, "well you know nothing!"

     "That bitch took everything from me!" He snarled, "she took away my fiancé, my future family, my sister and could have cost me my job."

    "You raped her!" I screamed back, beginning to get hysterical at his inability to understand that he had brought it all on himself. His inability to understand the word 'no' was something I had never thought possible.

     "She wanted it! You saw the way she looked at me - she practically begged me for it two years ago and suddenly when I take her up on the offer I'm the bad guy?"

My breathing hallowed as I looked at the creature in front of me who was totally unrecognisable. We shared similar DNA and the easily identifiable facial structure but we were nothing alike. Not in the way that it mattered. "You are a monster, Jake."

   "I'm your brother," he replied, his voice dangerously low.

   "You are nothing to me. Not anymore. You maintain that Pandora ruined both of our lives but from where I'm standing you're the one who's ruined our lives. You and your selfish ego and your inability to accept your mistakes. Our mother may have brought you up to think that you can do no wrong but that's not true in the real world. You are dirt, Jake Lively, you are a murderer." My voice took on its own low tone, each word seeming to slice into Jake better than any knife could. His face contorted in pain before he stomped loudly away from me.

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