Chapter Four

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Alex's P.O.V

"They're coming to my pool party." Stellan announced just as I'd begun to relax by the pool after a heated encounter with Izzy after school. I'd tried talking to her at school; she'd had her body guards with her so I'd waited until afterwards.

She'd told me to leave her alone after insults were exchanged. She'd called me a cheating dick and I'd called her a control freak. All in all things weren't looking too good.

My shoulders instantly tensed as it sunk in that in a matter of minutes Natalia would be here with her friend, just what I needed. I looked up at Stellan, using an arm to shield my eyes from the sun, "Tell me this is a joke."

"What's your problem with them?"

"I don't have a problem with the shorter one; it's Natalia who gets on my nerves."

"The shorter one is called Kaya and they're both pretty cool girls, you should get that stick Izzy shoved out of your ass and give them a chance." He told me as he walked away to check on the beer cooler his mom had set out along with snacks.

Despite what he'd said, I couldn't relax anymore. Even as I sat poolside with the hot sun beating down on my naked chest, deepening the tan I'd already gotten. I was on edge the entire quarter of an hour it took for them to arrive.

Kaya walked in through the back door first, she wore a bright red bikini that went well with her dark skin. My attention fell away from her seconds after the observation as Natalia followed.

Her already long legs appeared longer in the olive green bikini she wore, the curves the dress from Friday had clung to were on full display. Her skin shone in the sunlight, as did her curly brunette hair which she'd pulled into a ponytail.

The boys were quick to greet them and I turned away, facing the pool in slight disgust at how they were acting as if they'd never seen girls before. "What's wrong with you Alex?" Ingrid asked as she came to sit beside me, sidling closer than she should have.

She was Stellan's fourteen year old sister and I knew that she had a crush on me. Stellan had let me know that if I ever broke her heart or she found out that I was aware of her feelings for me, he'd rip my head off and throw it onto his barbecue.

The threat had made me smile at the time, which had been a bad thing to do but I loved how protective he was of her. After all, he knew what boys were thinking. Sadly being an only child, I had no idea how he felt about her.

"Your brother is drooling over them like he's twelve again." I explained, throwing a brief smile her way so she'd know that I was ok, even though I wasn't.

She turned to have a look over her shoulder and then looked back at me with identical true blue eyes to her brother, "Ew, I don't think I want to see that."

"Neither do I."

"How about we leave them to it?" she asked hopefully, her hand edging closer to mine and it was so near that she might as well have been touching me.

Checking, I noticed that Stellan was still preoccupied with the girls. My curiosity as to what she would suggest stopped me from shutting her down like I should have, "And do what instead?"

Her smile was so wide I almost cringed, taking my answer as a sign of interest, "I have a new TV in my room, we could watch a movie together or something."

"I'm seventeen Ingrid, there's a rule for that isn't there?"

I wasn't sure if what Stellan had told me about the 'Fifteen and under' rule their parents had placed for her was true. Apparently she wasn't allowed to have a boy over the age of fifteen in her room, except family of course.

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