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Even though Emma had lost their bet, Killian lets her take the back seat; she tries to argue with him but he tells her that he's used to sleeping in much more uncomfortable places.

"You are? Like what?" Emma asks, shifting onto her side trying to get comfortable while shivering in her thin leather jacket.

"Like a ship's deck. When it's raining." he says.

"I thought you said you were a captain of a crew, Since when do captains sleep outside?"

"I wasn't always a captain, lass. We've all got to start somewhere." He mildly explains, ignoring her previous sarcasm. "Are you cold love? Do you want my coat?"

"I'm fine" Emma says. Because yes, she's cold and yes she wants his coat... But considering the fact that they're just two people running away from the law together, he shouldn't worry about what she wants.

Silence falls in the dark cramped car, crickets outside wildly chirping.
"I'd like to use the first of my six questions now." Killian says, leaning back between the seats to look at her; huddled up in the backseat. They are parked at a pitstop just outside Cortez, Colorado; the flickering yellowed light above the parking lot causes Emma to be able to just make out the contours of his face.

Now he's giving her an easy grin and she knows she's in trouble.



"Ask me, then." she huffs.

"Do you want me to give you my coat?" He slowly asks her, she raises her eyebrows at him then chuckles to herself

"That's what you waste a question on?"

"I just want you to know you can ask me for help too; God knows you've done a lot of helping me, and it's about time I reciprocate."

"Killian, you killed somebody to stop him from hurting me; I'd say you've been helpful." Emma says and he just looks at her steadily, waiting for her honest answer.

"Ugh" - "Yes I'm freezing and I want your coat." Emma admits, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Killian doesn't say anything, just shrugs out of his coat and hands it back to her, their fingers brushing together; causing electricity to spark between their skin but she quickly pretends not to notice, sighing in pure contentment when she wraps herself in the leatherly warmth. "Aren't you cold?" She asks.

"No." He says, is gravely voice hums before flashing her a smile and turning back around he settles in his reclined seat. "Besides, I'm nothing if not a gentleman."

Emma rolls her eyes, "Well, Thank you." Emma says more sincerely, her nose buried in the lining of his coat, still a little stunned that he's being so generous.

"You're welcome, love." He mumbles and Emma closes her eyes, a mantra repeating in her head over and over again; don't fall in love.

She knows it's too late, but she makes herself believe that she can stop her own freefall, put on the brakes anytime she chooses. That she can be around him and not want to be with him because it'll never be an option.

He loves his dead girlfriend too much, and even if he didn't - he'd never go for somebody as messed up as me.
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