Because You Loved Me

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"It's okay Joe. I mean she is your friend so obviously she would be more important so it's cool."

"More important? No, okay listen I don't care how long I have known her. You are my number one priority now," he said firmly.

I just looked at him in shock.

He didn't even seem like he was prepared for what he had just said. I didn't know how to react other than just look at him. "Why don't we just start this dinner over huh?"

"Okay," I stated giving him a small smile and went back to eating.

Thankfully he started eating his food too.

"The food really is delicious Joe." He looked up and he seemed please with my response, "Oh thank goodness. I thought maybe you didn't like it."

"No it's really good. Great choice Joseph," I stated a bit teasingly. He playfully rolled his eyes and I giggled at his reaction.

The dinner passed by okay with a few jokes made his way.

He was really a funny person. We didn't talk about anything serious just small talk. The same waitress came back again and handed us our bill.

Before I could even take my tiny purse out of my jacket pocket he snatched the bill out of from in front of me and handed her his card and she walked away with the bill.

I looked at him confused.

" What the heck was that?" I asked him a bit shocked.

"What? You didn't think I was going to let you pay were you?" He asked seriously. "I just assumed I guess-"

"Not with me your not," he said not skipping a beat.

" Okay. Well thank you so much."

"Pleasure is mine. I enjoyed sharing a meal with you," he said smiling at me.

"Alright here is your receipt Joe. So I guess I will see you soon," she stated leaning a bit towards him.

He just stood up and said, " Yeah sure, see you around," He stated nicely before getting his card back and grabbing my hand and walking out the restaurant together.

We walked to the car and he opened the door for me before walking around and taking a seat. "Sorry about her again. Amanda just has this thing were she doesn't know when to stop."

"It's okay, no harm done."

"Where to now?" he asked starting the car.

"The school, it's pretty late so I want to get going home."

He seemed a bit disappointed in my response but started the car any way. The drive there was pretty quiet even with the radio on. I felt him look at me several times out the corner of my eye. It was like he had the urge to say something.

We finally arrived and we sat in the car for a minute before he spoke up. "Thanks for uh coming out with me," he stated nervously.

I chuckled before responding, "Are you nervous Joe?"

"Pshhhh who?Me? Nervous? Nah I'm good," He said playfully but still a bit nervous.

"What ever tough guy," I said playfully shoving him. 

He just shook his head grinning before turning to me, "So do you think that maybe this time I could have your number? I mean so that I can call you or text you or whatever?" He said looking at me sheepishly.

" I guess we aren't strangers anymore so why not?" I replied looking at him.

He broke out into a wide grin and quickly reach for his phone in his pocket. I almost laughed at how eager he seemed to be.

He gave it to me and I put in my contact information and saved it. I handed him back his phone and smiled as our fingers slightly touched.

Why am  acting this way?

It's not like we haven't hugged before?

I stepped out of the car and so did he. He walked to my side of the car before asking, "So where are you parked at?"

" Right over there," I said pointing to the other side of the parking lot.

"You could have just told me to park near your car baby girl," he stated teasingly. "I guess I really wasn't thinking," I said chuckling a little bit. "It's cool, how bout we hop in and I take you back to your car."

"No! I mean it's okay. You took me out to eat and drove me back and you have been nothing but kind with me so I am fine. I can walk across the parking lot no problem," I stated quickly.

"It really is no problem. It's late and I would prefer to know that you got to your car safe," he stated firmly.

"Joe it's fine I will see you tomorrow," I said hoping to convince him. He sighed in defeat and looked at me.

His eyes were gazing hard down towards me. "Okay then,"he started as he walked close towards me and stopped right in front of me, "Well I guess this is goodnight then?" He said breathing a bit heavily fanning my face.

I could tell he didn't want to leave but it's probably just my imagination. I sure didn't want to leave. " Goodnight Joe," I whispered to him. Then I turned to walk away.

Before I could get even two steps from him, he turned me around and pulled me into a hug. I was tense at first but I hugged him right back. He felt so warm and comfortable and my body automatically snuggled closer to him.

He rubbed my back before whispering back huskily, " Goodnight baby girl."

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment with him.

But I couldn't help but feel that somebody was watching us.

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