Awakening A Sleeping Beast

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Joseph POV

"I mean yeah we won last week but scrimmages are about to be over pretty soon so we have to up our momentum. Keep the boys in that winning mindset. I know we didn't leave off on a good note the last time we really talked and we barely even talked to each other at the game yesterday but you have to admit he was pretty good last night," Dean continued on rambling but I could barely even focus on this conversation or finish my burger with Robin sitting with Ryan in the booth diagonally from where I am seated.

What the hell is she doing with him?

Are they together now or something?

I can feel myself feeling a range of emotions as I just want to walk over there and get answers on my own.


What the hell am I doing?

She isn't my girlfriend.

I shouldn't be feeling this way.

Snap out of it Joe.

Nah fuck that what is she doing here with him?!

"Joe!" Dean semi yells at me. I turn him and realize that I wasn't listening to most of what he said.


"Where's your head at? Did you hear what I said?" He asked a bit irritated.

I rolled my eyes.

"We're good Dean, ain't no problems here." He nodded and went back to eating. The truth is what he said somewhat stirred something in me. There was no point in telling him how I really feel because at the end of the day he was right.

He is the coach, and I'm just the assistant.

A fucking assistant.

"We're gonna have a good season. I can feel it," he continued rambling on.

Honestly right now I could careless.

I took my gaze back towards Robin who seemed to be enjoying herself with Ryan. I couldn't help but feel a bit.... jealous?

No. I don't get jealous.

I'm just going to have to talk to her tomorrow. I went back to wolfing down my food, suddenly hungry again.

I just have to wait till tomorrow for answers.


I erased the board and sat down at my desk. I was a bit anxious to see her this morning.

How the hell do I even approach her with question?

Just play it cool Joe.

The door opens and she comes in.

God she is beautiful.

I take a sharp intake as she comes to my desk. "Good Morning Joseph," she says. I can't help but break out in a full smile.

Just like that I was at ease.

What is this girl doing to me?

"Good Morning baby girl," I reply huskily. I can see her trying to hide her blush and I can feel my heart flutter with excitement. Damn now I sound like a love struck teen.

" You ready to get started?" I ask her. She looks down to me and nods her head and gives me a small smile before taking a seat in front on my desk.

" I just need to catch up on what I missed yesterday and to look over a few things before the test this Thursday. I really want to do well," she said anxiously.

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