Opposites Attract

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Robin POV

I walked in the towards the classroom in a hurry considering that I was running late. I've always hated Monday mornings and I woke up late today. I missed my first few classes but I was ready in time to go to my health class.

I walked in and all eyes were on me.

I mentally shrunk back and turned to Joe," Sorry I'm late." He looked relieved to see me and just nodded, "It's okay, have a seat we just started."

I walked towards my usual seat. There class was full so there was no other place for me to sit.

I was stuck next to Ryan.

I really didn't want to be next to him after what Joe told me on Friday. It really opened my eyes to how two faced people can really be. I could feel Ryan trying to get my attention next to me but I just ignored him.

I wasn't in the mood to entertain is antics.

"You can take your textbooks out and start with the study guide on page 76 for the test this Thursday. You can work with groups if you like but keep the noise level to a minimum," Joe said after erasing the board.

Damn it I need to catch up on the notes I missed. I will have to talk to him after class.

I take my textbook out and start working on the assignment. I feel a tapping on my shoulder and I turn towards Ryan questionably.

He smiles at me before talking,"Hey grumpy pants. Whats wrong?"

"Nothing." I replied turning back to my work.

"Are you sure? You don't seem fine." He asked with concern in his voice. I would be an idiot to fall for his charms.

I felt like such an idiot for being naive in thinking that we had actually become friends.

"Yeah I'm okay," I said not looking up from my work. I heard him sigh and move his desk closer to mine. I turned to him in confusion.

He noticed the look on my face before asking, " What?"

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Well aren't we working together?" He stated clearly confused.

"Uhm I'd rather work by myself." He looked back and moved his chair back.

He looked a bit hurt and disappointed and I instantly felt guilty for giving him the cold shoulder. I wasn't one to intentionally hurt other peoples feelings but I am angry at him for even thinking he could take advantage of me. I shouldn't feel bad but I can't switch my emotions in an instant.

Sitting here doing nothing but work makes the class time seem as if it's moving in slow motion.

Finally Joe dismisses the class and I couldn't be happier. I pack my things up being as I am the last one out of there.

I walk up towards the front of the classroom and see Joe already looking at me from his seated position.

"Hey," I say quietly.

" Hi Robin. How are you today?" He asks looking at me smiling. He really does have kind smile.

"I'm good thank you? How about you?"

"I'm fine. You had me worried when you didn't come on time." he said looking at me expecting an explanation.

"Yeah I'm sorry I was late. It will never happen again." He then looked at me with a bit of concern.

"Don't worry about that baby girl. I was just worried. I was uhm .. actually waiting for you at the um gazebo." He said nervously.

He was rubbing his hands and he actually looked shy. This is the first time I've seen him this way. The tint of pink reaching his cheeks just made him seem more vulnerable.

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