Becoming Your Shield

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Robin POV

I sat in the gazebo once again waiting for the right time to head to class.

This week definitely flew by and I was happy about it. The classes were okay and as long as I kept in a good set of mind I would be able to keep my grades up. I had talked to Joe one other time since the weird argument but It was nothing more than small greetings.

Although Ryan has been getting my attention all week. I mean it's kind of hard to ignore someone who talks nonstop to you. He does seem like a nice guy behind the cocky athlete mask he puts up.

"Do you come here everyday?" I heard a familiar voice said.

I turn around quickly and see that it's him again. I sigh and sit back in my position, " Hey Joe, and yes I do." He sits in the same place he sat last time.

I taken in his appearance and he is wearing a black suit. He looks very refreshed and appealing in that attire. I felt myself get warm with desire as this was a different side to him that I have seen. He just looked so damn sexy.

My eyes finally met his and I could see that he was smirking in approval and quickly looked away in embarrassment.

"Uhm... I uh.. Why are you um.. wearing a suit today," I said. Damn why did I stutter?

He chuckled before answering,"Why you nervous baby girl?" I could here the playfulness in his voice so I looked up at him to see him smiling widely looking straight at me.

He has one of the best smiles I ever seen, I couldn't help but mirror his smile and laughing a bit. He seemed to like my reaction because I swear his gaze turned into a look of awe.

" You should smile more often. It's a good look for you," he said never breaking his gaze. I could feel my face heating up as I looked down smiling even wider. I cleared my throat and asked him again, "So  you going to tell me why you're dressed to impress today?"

"Right, well it's mandatory for all players and those associated with the team to dress up in this attire. "

"Oh yeah I remember you saying you were a football coach here. So the game is today?" He shook his head," No on Sunday. And I'm just the Coach assistant." "

"Well you're still a coach though right?"

"I guess you could say that," he stated seeming uncomfortable with the topic for some reason. I decided to just nod my head and drop it.

It was quiet for a while as we just enjoyed the sounds of nature and looked at our surroundings.

" So are you coming to the game?" he asked in a hesitated tone.

I turned to look at him and the look in his eyes seemed so filled with worry. "Uh I um, I don't think so. No I'm not," I answered back.

He looked disappointed with my answer.

" Well, If I asked you to go would you?" he asked seriously.

" I really don't know. I don't really watch football like that. Plus why would you want me to go?"

"Come on it's school tradition. Everyone looks forward to it. This school and town takes their football seriously. I mean it could be fun," he said trying to convince me to go.

I shook my head, " That just sounds like a lot of people in one place and a lot of noise," I said already cringing at thought of being there and being caught in the crowd.

He looked at me before responding," Right. You aren't into big crowds or people in general." I just looked at him not responding. He leaned forward a bit and looked at me curiously, " You really don't like being around people do you?"

I opened my mouth as if to say something but nothing came out. Then I did it a few times.

He just looked at me patiently waiting for my answers," It's not that, I just have to get used to being around people because I'm not really used to it I guess. I've just lived a life for so long that added to my mental trauma or whatever you call it and it's just going to be a while before I can I don't know.... be normal? If that's the word. Am I making any sense?"

"Yeah don't worry about it. Was it really that bad?" he asked his attention fully on to me.

"Worse than anything you can ever imagine. I'm just glad I'm not living that life anymore. But that doesn't mean there weren't consequences or effects that haunt me till this day," I whispered.

I wanted to cry but I held in for my own sake. He has already seen me cry once and I don't need him to witness it again.

"Well I'm glad your out of that life too. Don't worry Robin, happy days are ahead." he said trying to lighten up the mood.

I looked at him tilting my head, " Happy days are ahead?" He nodded smiling a little bit.

" Do you know how weird that sounds with your deep voice?" He chuckled looking at me standing up.

He walked over to me and I stood up too.

He was now in front of me and I just looked up at him. He bent down slightly wrapping his arms in my waist and engulfing me in a hug. My arms seemed to have a mind of its own and went around his neck.

He seemed to approve as he hugged me tighter. I could feel his face move towards my neck and feel him taking deep breaths. It tickled a bit as I held on to him to keep my composure.

"When ever you need anything just let me know because I'm here for you. I may not know what you have been through but I'm here to listen and help you through whatever it is you need. I'm not good with this whole thing but I'm going to try my hardest with you," he said as I felt his voice vibrate through our contact and his breath on my neck.

I pulled back a bit and he looked back at me with out letting each other go. "What  is that you want to help me with?"

He just looked at me with so much emotion in his eyes I thought I was going into a trance.

He  pulled me closer to him as if we weren't already close enough before," I  don't know but whatever it is that you could ever need, I'm here. Even if it's just to talk." I nodded smiling.

He seemed so genuine that I felt my self get emotional. 

I knew that this wasn't a normal teacher student conversation. It was just two people sharing a moment.

I had no idea that this was going to be the start of my new life.

I pulled him back into a hug and he responded instantly wrapping his arms tightly around me.

Joseph POV

I rubbed her back soothingly as she rested her head on my chest almost reaching over my shoulder. I was now determined to know her even more and get to the root of everything. Just like that she was apart of my life for sure.

There was no way she was ever getting out if my mind. From this day forth I was determined to make her happy.

To make myself happy.

Hell we could make each other happy. This was the next chapter of my life and I could feel it. This was the point where I really learn what it means to love and care someone. I was excited to be able to share this feeling with Robin.

Right now in this moment, I felt content. This was meant to be. I finally pulled back from her unwillingly and took a look at her features.


"You ready to go to class?" I asked with my hands still on her waist rubbing circles with my thumb. I was actually shocked with the affection I was giving her.

I had never been this concerned with someone before.

She nodded and turned to grab her back pack.  We started walking out of the gazebo and towards the woods to the main building.

Then I remembered why I had to talk to her.

"Wait Robin, There is something I have to talk to you about," she stopped and turned to me. I sighed.

"It's about Ryan."

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