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My life isn't this big bad tragic mirror of death I'm not looking for anyone to feel bad for me, I don't want your sympathy.

I want a home.

I want real family. I want happiness.

But I'm a rouge, that means I don't belong to a pack. Rogues are usually men, and usually are viscous and don't like to follow rules that's the reason they become rogue in the first place. They are either kicked out of the pack or leave by choice. Either way is dangerous.

I'm also she-wolf. Two things that make me an easy target in this big bad world. I travel during the day, steal food at night and it's been days since I let myself sleep.
My old pack is called The Steele pack. We are the second biggest pack across the Canadian Border. I have no siblings, my mom was murdered and my father is the reason for all of this.

He's an evil man. I didn't notice it At first or at least maybe I did but I was a bit too young to comprehend what was really happening. My mother died when I was very young so I don't quit have valid memories of her but I found the letters she wrote me before she died, apparently my dad was beating on her and set her up to get killed all for some money and a higher ranking in the pack.

He only impregnated my mom so she could hopefully have a girl so he could sell me to our piece of shit alpha who wanted to marry me as soon as I was 18. I haven't found my mate yet and neither did our lovesick disgusting 35 year old alpha who was more then desperate and demanding to have me.

So that's why I'm here. I ran away a week ago and never looked back. I covered my wolf scent with acid so no one would track me down. I left behind no one in that pack because no one could help me. I was stuck with an abusing, money hungry evil father and self loathing, love-sick alpha and the pack was useless because they had to listen and obey our Alpha.

I refuse to Marry that old man and let my father control my life and who I love. I hated to be tied down and for someone else to make choices for me. I'm 17 years old and fucking done.

As I strolled down the streets of a town I had no recognition of I noticed the sun was setting and the wind was picking up. With only a small duffle bag on my back and a half filled water bottle in my hand I realized how tired I was and if I didn't get any rest right now then I might pass out from exhaustion.

My wolf was also begging to be led out so she could run but I just couldn't in a town that was so foreign to me.

The town was not crowded right now nor was it empty but I prefer it to be lots of people so I could get lost in the crowd and go unnoticed.

"Watermelon! Get your fresh watermelon!" An older man called out. He was guarding a fruit stand with cantaloupes, watermelon and lots of other fresh fruit.

I decided to ask him for directions.
"Excuse me?" I pointedly arched my brows at him trying to get his attention.

"You want a watermelon?" He asked way to loudly stepping to close to me. His ragged clothes dragged as he walked. The way he was dressed didn't make his fruit look appealing at all.

I took a few steps back.
"No, sir. Do you know where the nearest hotel is around here?"

"About 2 more miles down the way. It's expensive little girl. What are you new in town?" He squinted his eyes and I rolled mine.

"No I'm picking up my grandmother from one of the hotels and I forget which one it is." I lied. I definitely couldn't tell this stranger who I was or that I was a runaway wolf. A rogue.

In fact I couldn't tell anyone.

"oh. Well yeah keep walking straight you'll see it." He mumbled and watched me closely.

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