The Trip

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We were to leave in two hours. Me and Stephanie were done packing and were waiting for the boys limo to come pick us up. After what seemed like forever, we finally heard the bell ring. I opened the door and saw a man standing there.

"Miss Star and Miss Dodge? Your limo awaits" Probably the driver or something, I thought. He helped carry our bags and dumped them in the trunk. I took a peek in there, it seemed big enough for 2 or 3 grown men to easily lay down. The driver opened the door for us and we entered, me heading in first. First person I saw was Kendall. I smiled at him and sat down next to him. All around us sat the rest of the boys including one I didnt know.

(James POV)

We were all talking when we saw Hugh, our driver, walk our way with two big bags and Natalie and Stephanie. Dustin was going with us so he was also in the limo. We turned back around waiting for the limo door to open. Kendall was sitting right where they were about to enter because he was the only one who hadn't had the chance to sit with Natalie during the movie and restaurant. Soon enough, Natalie and Stephanie entered. Natalie smiled at Kendall and then seeing the rest of us, she greeted everyone. I could see the confusion on her face when she looked at Dustin.

"Oh, guys this is Dustin. He is or guitarist and he really helps with the band and goes wherever we go for tours" I said.

"Oh, I've heard of you! But I just didn't know what you looked like. Sorry" Natalie said, a look of apology on her face. Stephanie on the other hand screamed,

"Oh my god! This is so amazing! Im a BIG fan of your music. And you guitar playing is so awesome. And what about that band you have with Kendall? Heffron Drive, is it? I've heard the music, it really touches my heart" Dustin seemed impressed and started to have a conversation with her. While the two jabbered on the way there, I took another good look at Natalie. She was wearing jean shorts that reached her upper thighs and a green spaghetti sleeve tang top. Her locket showed brightly on it and she was wearing the usual bracelets and watch. Her side bangs were pulled in the top of her head and from there they were clipped in the back with a green clip matching her tang. Stephanie was feeling green also with a long green skirt and green heels with a white tang top. She had on lots of green eyeshadow and red lipstick and of course her pink tips were now green.

(Natalie POV)

Stephanie said how she'd known Dustin from so many things. While they talked some more I turned to Kendall.

"You excited?" he asked.

"To go to Miami? Duh! To go on the plane? Hell no" Kendall laughed.

"You don't like plane rides?," I shook my head, "have you ever been on one?" he asked.

"No. But I've been to at least one city in every state. When my mom was..... You know, alive, we would always go on RV trips in the united states. I remember we didn't have an RV back at the time, so we had to take our normal car to Florida. I've never been to Miami but we went to Orlando" I said.

"Wow. That must've have long"

"4 days"

"Wow" he said surprised. I suddenly felt a pair of eyes on me and turned around to see James' hazel eyes looking directly at me. I blushed and he smiled.

It took a while for us to finally get there. There were a couple fans that wanted to get pictures and autographs. One fan got so excited, she even snapped a picture with me. I had a few seconds to look at the picture. It was me looking very confused.

We finally got to the airport and we didn't have to wait one second. Our seats were up in first class. When I climbed up the stairs, I looked in and saw comfy cushioned chairs scattered around. I know I havent been on an airplane but I knew the third class was way worse than this. I got in a comfy chair and put my seatbelt on. I have to admit I was really scared.

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