Things aren't What the Seem

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Robin POV

I sat in the gazebo that I the other day and sat there waiting until it was time to go to class.

Classes were cancelled yesterday due to some emergency. I didn't read the message enough to care what it was. I was just glad to have a day off. Now school is back in session and the teachers today seemed to be in a rush to get as back into the wing of things which includes extra homework.

I laid back and just enjoyed my surroundings. This place really is beautiful. I wonder why it's hidden in here. It's kind of like my safe haven away from the school.

" Peaceful isn't it?" A deep voice says behind me and I jump and turn around.

It was Joe.

I sigh a breath of relief.

He puts his hands up like he is surrendering, " Relax baby girl. I'm not gonna hurt you." I nod and slowly sit back down and watch as he takes a seat on the other side of the gazebo.

I was thankful that he didn't chose to sit next to me and gave me some space.

"So how you liking the school so far?" he asks me staring intently.

I shrug before answering," It's okay I guess. I just have to get used to the new environment and people." he smiles, obviously liking that I hadn't given him a one word answer.

"Well that's good, If you have any problems and you need anything just let me know," he said in a serious tone.

"Thank you," I said smiling at him. I was grateful that he was offering his help.

He then looked at me like he was amused or something.

I just looked at him curiously," What?" He looked at me before shaking his head and responding," Nothing, it's just that this is the first time you responded to me without hesitating and you smiled at me," he said looking at me. I tilted my head at him looking at him.

Why was that something he even noticed?

I didn't respond to that I just looked down and smiled a bit.

" So how did you find this place?" he asked changing the subject.

" I was just walking around and I found it. I like it here, it's peaceful and away from the chaos of the school," I said looking around and my eyes landed on him only to find that he was staring at me like a puzzle he was trying to solve.

" You don't seem like a people person." I just shook my head no.

"Why is that?You never meet people if you keep to yourself Robin." I looked at him for a long time and for some reason couldn't help but feel offended. I felt comfortable talking to him before and now I just felt like he looked down on me.

I mean he is a teacher after all, he probably takes pity on me.

I stood up and grabbed my backpack and started to leave the gazebo. Joe got up quickly alarmed and walked towards me, "What's wrong? What happened?" I just shook my head and started to walk towards the woods back to the classroom.

I could hear him behind me and telling me to stop. I felt him grab my arm and turn me around. I looked up at him and he seemed panicked as he looked my in the eyes. I shifted my gaze towards the ground not wanting to look at him.

"Robin look at me what's the matter? What did I say?" I still looked down on the ground not wanting to look at him.

I felt his hand under my chin as he tilted my head up to look at him.

" I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it in a bad way or anything." I looked up at him and it seemed like he was sincere with his apology.

I just nodded and got out of his grasp and started walking again.

He walked beside me again and I could practically feel the wave of nerves off of him. He stopped in front of me again and I stopped too.

" Listen I really I am sorry Robin," he said looking at me.

I felt bad that he kept apologizing to me.

I overreacted and I shouldn't be treating him like this. " It's okay, I shouldn't have reacted like that. I'm sorry."

He smiled, " It's alright baby girl." We looked at each other for a moment and then I started walking towards the school again. He walked beside me as we entered the school building.

When we walked in to the classroom he went to his desk and sat down while I went to my seat in the back of the classroom. He looked at me before saying, " So we are back on good terms?" I smiled and nodded.

He seemed satisfied with my answer and went into teacher mode as soon as the students walked in.

Joseph POV

The students walked in and my chances of talking to Robin faded away.

I sighed and tried to focus on the lesson for today.

I almost blew my chances of her opening up to me. I have to be careful with what I say to her because she obviously has somethings that easily set her off.

Why the hell is it so hard for her to talk to me?

Maybe me being her teacher is a bit of a turn off.

But teachers can date their students but it does cause a lot of controversy and it isn't recommended. Well it ain't never been heard of unless you are doing it to boost your grades.

But I wouldn't do that to her.

I just want to get to know her and ... what the hell am I saying.

I shouldn't even be thinking about this when class is about to start. The last of the students walked in and I saw Ryan walk in.

Well at least he isn't late.

He looked at me and just smirked. He walked to the back of the classroom and sat next to Robin. I tensed up and sat up. I watched as he greeted her and she seemed to be uncomfortable at first and then they started talking.

I couldn't help but feel jealous that he could get her to talk to him so easily. He shouldn't be near her like that. I clenched my jaw and stood up and signaled that class has started.

I have to calm down because one of these days I'm gonna bust that dude in jaw.

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