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Sweat - Narry

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Prompt: Can you maybe do a like a Narry with nerdy!Harry and sassy!Niall and there be daddy kink and Harrys calls Niall baby girl or something during.

Contains: Dirty talk, daddy kink

Please excuse any mistakes and enjoy xx


"I need you to tutor me.", the shorter than average blond boy stated to the taller brunet boy. They stood by Harry's locker, said brunet was just about to put his thick three textbooks into his locker when he turned his head to see the familiar Irishman standing right next to him, his hand on his hip and his hip cocked to the side, wearing blue skinny jeans, an adidas sweatshirt and some adidas shoes to match.

He'd recognized the boy as Niall, he's seen him around school before, even has him in a few of his classes but of course they'd never talked. They didn't run in the same social circle.

Harry cocked his eyebrow at the lad before, returning back to what he was doing in the first place, putting his textbooks in his locker. After he stacked them on top his shelf accordingly he slammed his locker shut before once again turning his attention to the seemingly fuming blond beside him. "Alright, now what did you need?", Harry questioned pushing his glasses further up on the bridge of his nose.

"I said, I need you to tutor me.", he repeated shortly and Harry's brows furrowed this time, that isn't a way treat someone when you're asking for their assistance.

"You're being awfully rude for someone who's in need of my help, don't you think?", he said smoothly, "If you really want me to tutor you then you need to ask nicely."

The blond, Niall, sighed for what seemed like a million years and Harry was just about to brush past the other male, figuring that he didn't need to deal with someone that he didn't even know that well to being so disrespectful towards him.

"Okay I'm sorry Harry, can you please tutor me? I need to be passing by end of this week or else coach'll sit me on the bench! I don't wanna be ineligible..", Niall dragged out, it sounded more like a whine than anything else, and although it was irritating, it was indeed genuine. Plus, Harry wasn't heartless, he was always willing to help someone in need especially when it came to grades, considering that was what he excelled in.

Niall looked at him with pleading eyes and even though Harry knew he was already going to say yes he wanted to string the silence out a little longer. "....Alright.", he said after a while and he couldn't help but smirk when he saw the look of relief in the blond's blue eyes.

"We can start tomo-", Harry started to say but was quickly cut off.

"Can we please start today? I mean, I kinda wanna get this over with, I just need to make up that test in English that we took last class, I didn't quite understand it...please?", Niall rambled and how could Harry say no the those puppy dog eyes and pouted lips.

Ah, what the hell it wasn't like he had anything important to do after school anyways, he'd completed all of his homework beforehand so all that was really left on his agenda when he got home was to slip in a pair of earphones and study until dinner time.

"Okay, I guess-"

"Yes!", Niall cheered, smugness evident in his eyes.

"But," Harry continued, "where will I be tutoring you?"

"We can do it at my place.", Niall shrugged as he switched the hands on his hips.

"And you parents won't mind?"

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