Anime prank calls! ~Invader Zim~ Gir!

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(Yeah I know Gir isn't anime but whatever this was a request and I always do what I'm told ^^)

Me: So who's next?

Mikki: O. M.G. O.O

Me; What?

Mikki: we have to prank Gir.

Me; what?!

Mikki: Can we prank him?

me; I have no idea but we're gonna try! ^^

Mikki: why are'nt you dialing?

me; becuase I don't know what to say. ^^"'

Mikki: well wing it! You can do it! ^^

me; Okay. I'll try. *Dials*


Me; hello?

Gir; Who is this?

me; I'm the queen of tacos! ^^

Gir: O.O Yes your majesty!

Me: *Whispering* wow, that worked! O.O

MIkki: keep going!

me; Uh gir?

Gir: Do you have any of them taquitos?

me; Uh yes, i do, and burrritos.

Gir; Taco taco, taco.

Me: What do i do now?

Mikki: Let me see.

Gir: Who is this?

Mikki: Uh, I'm the taco princess.

Gir; Oh I understand.

Me; Listen we want you to listen very, very, very, very closely.

Gir....... what?

Zim: Gir? who are you talking to?

Gir; the taco queen and princess. ^^

Zim: Hm? Hello?

me; No on may see the wizard!

Zim: who is this?

mikki: we are the princess and queen of tacos.

Zim: Okay. O.O

me; we are the rulers of earth.


Me; No we really are!

Zim: Then why are you calling me?

Mikki: we have heard that you are planning to take over the earth.

Zim: WHO TOLD YOU?! It was Dib wasn't it!

me; Uh, no but we will tell you the secret of taking over the world.

Mikki: yes, oh how secret it is.

Zim; I see, Please tell me your majesties.

me; well, first, you have to get a room full of rubber piggies.

Zim: why?


Zim: Right!

Gir: My piggies! ^^

Zim: Okay, what now?

Mikki; now you must get 80 tacos, 74 burritos, 375 taquitos and a large classic poop.

Zim: I see, and how will this help me take over the world?


Zim: Yes your majesties!

Me; This is fun! ^^

Zim: I got them now what.


zim: Gir don't eat those! They hold the secret of taking over the world!

me; who is this?

Zim: it is I Invader Zim your majesty.

Mikki: I'm sorry you have the wrong number good-bye. *Hangs up*

Me; wait for it.......


Me; That was fun! ^^