Untitled Part 2

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"DAMNIT JUNGKOOK! You never fucking put shit away!" you yelled while throwing away the butter he left out to melt. "You never do shit around this house! I'm the only one that ever cleans, be fucking responsible!"

"Maybe I would want to clean if you would stop always yelling at me, im not gonna do shit for some disrespectful person"

You and your boyfriend Jungkook have been together for about 2 years now. The first year and a half we were good, you rarely ever fought but ever since you moved in with each other things have been kind of tense.

"Why can't you treat this house the way you treated it when we first moved in?"


Jungkook is the biggest dick you know when he's angry but he looks sooooo hot. The way his veins pop out on his neck and the way he clenches his fist flexing his muscles.

"Don't fucking raise your voice at me Jeon Jungkook, I am not the one"

He stood up and started walking towards you quickly.

"Get away fro-"

You were cut off by his hands pushing you up against the wall.

"what are you gonna do about it, huh?"

Still mad, you pushed him off of you and sat on the couch.

"Fuck you" you yelled crossing your arms.

He came and sat next to you but you scooted over away from him. He kept moving closer until you reached the arm of the couch so you couldn't scoot over anymore.

"Jagiya , I'm sorry. I'll start doing shit around the house. I'm tired of arguing. I love you and I don't want to make you mad"

"You cant come over here and start being sweet and expect me to forgive you Jungkook!" you yelled refusing to accept his apology.

He stood up and kneeled onto the couch while pulling your feet making you lay on the couch. He hovered over you and made eye contact. You turned away being a stubborn brat, you had only looked away from him for a second before he turned your head forcing you to look at him. He looked at you biting his lip then bent down and attacked your neck.

He licked and sucked on your neck leaving red marks. Feeling his wet tongue running across your neck made shivers run down your spine and making you release small moans.

While his mouth was working on your neck, his hand was rubbing on your thighs slowly moving up towards your womanhood. You threw your head back and put your hand on his neck bringing his head up, putting his lips to yours. Your lips moved together in sync.

Remembering the anger you had towards him you pushed him back away. "No stop, I'm still mad at you!"

His hands continued to move up your leg, making you want to forgive him but you had to stand ground and not give in like you always do. You smacked his hand attempting to make him stop rubbing your leg.

Refusing to stop, his hands moved to your zipper and he unzipped your pants after unbuttoning them. His hand slid into your underwear and straight to your clit. He pulled back the hood of your clit and started to rub it quickly in a circular motion.

You took his wrist into your hand trying to push his hands away from your womanhood but his strength over powered yours. You bent your knees and arched your back at the sensation while still pushing his hand. You were a moaning, mad mess. Moans were ready to be released but you wouldn't let them go. You didn't want to give him any satisfaction.

Jungkook knew you were trying to keep your moans contained so he slid his fingers down through your inner lips and into your heat making you raise your hips and releasing all your moans you were holding in into one long, loud, and passionate moan. He bit your lip bringing your moans back to your body and inserted his tongue into your mouth. Swirling it around, fighting with yours. He was clearly winning.

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