Favorite Thing About You (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: It might be cliche but he can't find a thing that he doesn't enjoy about you. Your personality is enticing and your body is perfection. But he is enchanted with your eyes, when your mood swings he can tell by the way your eyes are on fire.

Jamie Lannister: Your quick wit draws him in. Hell, it was the thing that hooked him in the first place. You weren't just another damsel in distress who lacked a brain.

Khal Drogo: Your lips are something he enjoys, they are full and plump and something that you've learned to use in many ways to keep your Khal content.

Ramsay Bolton: Ramsay fell in love with your breasts honestly, he's not the romantic type, he just said it flat out as you were bent over making his bed. You laughed it off the first time but he made sure you knew he wasn't lying.

Jojen Reed: Your hair he likes to sit behind you and play with your hair.

Jonsnow: Your neck he places tons of hickeys on your neck to prove your taken.

Robb Stark: Your tiny waist he likes to snake his arms around your waist and just hold you close.

Bran Stark: Your eyes to him their the most fascinating and beautiful thing he's ever seen.

Tommen Baratheon: Your cheeks he often strokes your cheeks or places sweet kisses on them it makes you both relaxed and calm.

Tyrion Lannister: Your hands it's fascinating how clean, delicate and small they are compared to his wherever you go he always entwines his hand with yours to prove your his and his only.

Oberyn Martell: Your hips he always places his hands on your hips to hold you close he says your hips are so damn perfect.

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