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"So I'll be bold, as well as strong, and use my head alongside my heart."

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"You know, Cath, it helps to not procrastinate all the time," William Sinclair smirked at his sister, who was frantically throwing her belongings into a large, brown leather trunk.

She paused, glaring at her brother who leaned against the doorframe as he took a large bite out of an apple. He was very tall (almost 6'5) and had the signature Sinclair brunette hair. He and Catherine looked very much alike, and could almost pass for twins, if not for the eight-year age difference and him having their mother's crystal blue eyes instead of their father's dull brown. He also had this knowledgeable arrogance about him that Catherine failed to possess-- she'd concluded that it was simply due to the fact that he was a Ravenclaw, and had probably grown accustomed to believing himself cleverer than everyone else.

"Don't you have better things to do, Will?" She snapped, continuing her attempt at stuffing a tall pile of blouses in her suitcase without them overflowing, "or are you so obsessed with me that you get off to watching me pack my bags?"

"Why do you need so many blouses, anyway?" He arched his eyebrow, ignoring her snide remark, "It's Hogwarts, you wear your uniform about ninety percent of the time."

"A girl always needs options for the other ten percent," Catherine said as-a-matter-of-factly. "So," she stood, wiping the dust and debris from her muggle jeans and straightening out her navy shirt, "are you just going to stand and watch, or are you planning on helping?"

He scoffed, "Why don't you just use magic? It's a lot quicker."

She rolled her eyes at him, "I'm not of age, it's illegal. So go on, you legal Ministry official, help a girl out?"

"Fine," he walked into the room and extended his wand. He gave it a slight flick and in an instant, all her clothes, books, uniforms, Quidditch supplies, and school supplies flew neatly in her trunk. The girl stared in awe at her precisely packed belongings, making note of the socks that had managed to fold themselves. "There," William crossed his arms, and smiled proudly at his work, "how's that?"

"You must teach me to do that," she stated, looking from her bag to her brother, whom she noticed was wearing the nice navy suit that he usually wore to work.

"Maybe some other time," he smiled. "You know-- when you're legal."

Catherine pushed against her brother's shoulder jokingly, and giggled, "Oh, shut it! But, thank you, It would've taken me ages to do all that."

"I know, that's why I'm here," he chimed, using this as an exit line as he trotted out the door and down the hallway. "Don't forget, we leave in twenty minutes! Mother, Father, and I are to be at the Ministry at Eleven-thirty!" he called back, to which Catherine acknowledged with an 'Okay!'

"Arse," Catherine grumbled, relaxing down on her large bed. She studied the room surrounding her, her sky blue walls that were filled with pictures dating back to the early days of her childhood, the elegant mahogany furniture, a small yellow stain splattered on the far, left corner wall where William 'accidentally'  spilled a vile of ogre urine that they'd found in her father's potions cupboard. Many wonderful memories had been born in this room, and they tended to make her not want to ever leave.

Catherine assumed that this being her fifth year leaving, it wouldn't be as difficult as the years prior, but boy, was she wrong. Unlike many of the girls her age, she was quite content with her life. She had a great family, a nice house, and lived in the most beautiful wizarding village of Puddlemere. She hadn't a reason to want to leave, so saying goodbye to her loving parents and annoying brother for an entire year proved exceedingly hard. But no matter how hard it was, the girl was glad that she had something to miss, unlike her friend Sirius who detested his family and looked forward to leaving for school.

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