You Won't Even Notice I'm Here!!

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I was cooking some food for me and him. I had no idea if he was vegetarian, vegan or really fussy so... all I could think of to cook was bangers and mash. That goes down with about everyone... right?

He’s been asleep for about 1 hour. How long is sleeping beauty gonna take?

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I knew it was him coz it’s only me and him in the house... unless a stalker has now entered my house and is gonna kill me.

I saw the red hair pop from around the corner. Nope looks like the stalker guy will have to wait. He smiled anxiously at me. “Err, hi.” He said simply. He smelled the food and his mood changed instantly. “WOW! Bangers and mash! I love bangers and mash!” he gleefully said as he practically bounded to the table.

I stood at the cooker completely shell shocked. This guy was brawling like a baby only an hour ago. I plated up a big portion for him. I doubted a skinny guy like him to be able to eat it all. He grabbed the knife and fork and started shovelling it in his gob. How did so much food fit on one fork??

He finished his big plate in about 5 minutes. I was till eating when he finished. He watched me eat. It felt really awkward because I’m used to eating alone. I felt really self conscious. Seriously, couldn’t the guy look at anything else? The window, the door... ANYTHING!!!!

I finished my dinner and cleared away our plates. Silence. I hate the silence. “So, what’s your name?” I asked. I gave myself a mental slap in the face for such a stupid question.

“Trevor.” He said.

I noticed that was the only answer he was gonna give me. I was just about to say something before he beat me to it. “What’s your name?” He asked.

That caught me off balance. “Oh, um. Chloe. Chloe Roseby.”

“That’s a pretty name. Just like your face.” He said.

I blushed bright pink and turned to put the plates in the dishwasher. He said that so casually... he might be a player or something. I sat back at the table with him. I looked into his blue eyes. He looked down, most people can’t handle my stare. “What happened?” I asked softly.

He burst out crying again! “I’m so sorry for troubling you!” he said between sobs.

“Hey, wait a minute-” I said trying to calm him down.

“I’m such a disgrace... I’m not worthy of anyone’s kindness.” He kept sobbing.

What did I do? Stand on a landmine? “Hey... hey.” He kept mumbling. “HEY!!!” I yelled. He was instantly quiet. His tears topped. “I have never met someone who’s mood changes so quickly. Now please tell me... what happened without the waterworks please.” I said softly.

He wiped his nose. “I ran away from home. My parents are never happy with what I do. No matter how hard I try, they never notice my existence.” He said. That would explain why you have red hair then.

“Yeah I know how that feels.” I mumbled looking at the table.

He looked up... he looked a little more cheery. “So uh, where are your parents? Wouldn’t they worry that you’ve brought a stranger home?”

“They’re in north Africa now.” He looked at me in awe. “They’re journalists so they’re away from home about 10 or 11 months a year.” I said.

“OH, don’t you get lonely?” He asked.

“Nah, I’m used to it.” My voice cracked at the end. He noticed coz he gave me a sympathetic look... great. “You said you ran away from home, hence the bags but... where are you staying at the moment?” I asked.

Please say something like a friend’s house.

“Anywhere really.” He said.

Oh my God. “You can’t do that, the weather’s horrible for the next week or so. You’ll get really sick.” I said. He shrugged. I sighed. “Look, I said whilst standing up. “There are a lot of weirdo’s around. So...” he leaned forward. “You can stay here for a little while.” I said.

He shot up out of his seat and launched himself at me, knocking me on the floor. “OH, thank you!” He exclaimed. I swear he looked like a 3 year old... behaves like one too. “You won’t notice I’m here, honest!” He said.

Yeah right... you have hair I can spot a mile away, have regular mood swings and have a voice that’ll reach to the end of the street. I sighed. “So, what school do you go to?” I asked whilst getting up after he let go.

“Oh, I’m moving schools, I start in my new school on Monday.” He said.

Okay so it’s Thursday so he starts in his new school next week. “Why do you have to move schools then?” I asked.

“I threw a chair out of the classroom window coz some guy accused me of doing something I didn’t do.” He said casually.

“So you threw a chair out of the window.” I said.

“Well it was the window or the teacher.” He said casually again. He looked at me and smirked. “What? I don’t dress like this for no reason you know?” He said.

He looked about 5 years older when he looked at me like that. Kinda sexy though... not that I’d tell him that. “So, uh... what school are you transferring to?” I asked.

He thought for a while. “Some school called uh...  Whisper Hollow Academy. Do you know where it is?” He asked.

“Yeah... that’s the school I go to.” I said.

“Really? Cool. We can walk together!” He said.

I coughed. “Yeah... great.” I said.

What on Earth am I going to say to my friends? ‘hi guys meet Trevor. Yes he’s a delinquent... he threw a chair out of his previous’ school window, he ran away from home, he’s on bad terms with his parents and he’s also staying at my house. But my gosh... for a delinquent, he sure does cry a lot.’




Soz that it's not all that interesting but it gets better in the next chappie! I promise!

Thankyou all the people who comment! Luv ya all!


(No I am not normal... who wants to be in a world like this?? It's no fun being normal!)

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