Chapter Three

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Natalia's P.O.V

"Do you have to keep annoying Alex Michaelson? He has friends who can make your life horrible you know?" Kaya asked me, her attempt to sound serious was lost in the slight rise in her voice.

I kicked the empty dog bowl out of my way as I got into the house, shutting the large door behind me and dropping my bag in the hallway. Resting the cell phone between my shoulder and ear, I removed my jacket and left it on the floor.

"I'll worry about that when it happens. It's not my fault he keeps screwing around on his girlfriend."

I was still unsure of the reason why it entertained me so much to irritate Alex, it was possibly because I knew how much he disliked me and he was easy to wind up.

When I entered the extravagantly sleek kitchen, my mood suddenly darkened as I compared it to the small but homely one my mom would cook meals in, my favorites being the ones from South Africa that her own mom had cooked for her as a child.

To make things worse, dad didn't even cook often enough to make the money he'd paid the interior decorator worth it. He'd started to try since I'd moved in two weeks ago and most nights I ended up eating take out instead.

"Really Nat, his friends are cute and hopefully single, I'd like to get to know them so please don't ruin this chance for me by taunting him."

It was funny actually. Kaya had been going to school with these people for all these years yet that party had been the first time she'd spoken to them because of me.

Finn had brought his two friends over to talk since they'd never seen me before and it wasn't long before we hit it off.

Even Kaya had been shocked to realise that they weren't the douche bags she'd previously assumed they were because let's face it; they were all tall, very attractive and athletic.

That alone rang warning bells to stay away, however after talking and sharing drinks we'd found out that we had so much in common with the boys.

"Which one in particular are you interested in?" I smiled; glad to have her back in my life.

I'd lived here in this town until I was ten because although my parents were divorced, mom had moved us into a smaller house just a few minutes away so I could still visit dad.

Kaya had been my best friend for as long as I'd known so when my mom announced that we were moving to Solace, a small city six hours away from Briar Woods where her new job was and we'd relied on using the phone and internet to stay in touch.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was back in Briar Woods living with the father that had been too focused on his job to visit or call me often, the few times I did come to visit he'd be focused on the animals he took home with him for extra care.

"I'm not sure, my dad would approve of Lawson because he's chocolate like me too, but Stellan has that European vampire look, you know, like the hot one from True Blood?"

I couldn't help laughing as I took a bite of the brioche I'd taken from the pantry that was bigger than my bedroom in Solace.

Perching on the counter, I pictured her father reacting to her bringing home a blond haired, blue eyed white boy.

"Ki do you really want to get involved with them? I guess they were pretty cool but they're still the same people that you never would've spoken to before the party. Which we snuck into, remember?"

We'd actually been on our way to the city where all the clubs and bars were that night, usually getting in was no problem but we'd had bad luck all night and so we returned to Briar Woods.

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