His Secret Family

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I was awoken by the sound of a door closing. I quickly jumped up. I looked to my right to see my husband Justin gone. I looked to my left to see it was 5:00 in the morning. I sighed and laid back down. He's always leaving early for work. I hate this shit. I tossed and turned until I fell back asleep.

"Mommy! Mommy wake up!" Kion shouted in my face. I slowly opened my eyes and seen my beautiful 3 year old son. I smiled softly. "Yes Kion?" I said sitting up slightly. "I'm hungry and where's daddy?" He spoke. I sighed softly. "Daddy went to work babe. Let's go get something to eat." I said throwing the sheet over my legs and picking him up. We walked down the stairs and sung the ABC's. "What you want to eat baby?" I said sitting him at the bar. "Ooh I want Lucky Charms." He cheered and clapped. "Okay." I smiled and grabbed the cereal out of the cabinet. I fixed his bowl as I turned on the coffee pot. "Here, go watch spongebob." I said handing him his bowl. He jumped off the stool and walked to the living room. I fixed my coffee and phoned Justin.
Hey it's Justin, sorry I couldn't get to the phone right now. I'll call back as soon as possible. If this is Y/N I love you babe.

I smiled at that little part he added. I put down my phone and walked back upstairs to get ready for the day. "Kion, when you get down come upstairs!" I shouted back down. "Okay mama." I walked into the bathroom and started up the shower. I jumped in quickly and washed my body. I got out and wrapped my towel around my body. I walked to my closet and picked out an outfit. "Mommy, can you turn on my shower?" Kion said. I turned around and nodded. "Hold on babe." I said. He nodded and walked back out to his room. I put on my undergarments and my hygiene stuff before putting on my robe and walking to Kion's room. "Come on Kion." I opened his door. He got off of his bed and ran across the hall to the bathroom.

After washing Kion and getting his clothes out, I let him get hisself dressed. I went to put on my clothes when my phone rung.

Justin/Jason POV

I waited for Y/N to answer. "Hello?" Her angelic voice spoke. "Hey babe." I said smiling. "Hey Justy." She bubbled. "What are you doing babe?" I said sitting behind my desk. "Getting dressed. Why did you leave so early baby?" She pouted. "There was a meeting I needed to get ready for." I lied straight through my teeth. "Oh okay. I'll be waiting for you tonight." She said. "That's what I was calling for babe. I have to fly away for 2 weeks." I said. She gasped. "Again? You just got back." She said. "I know babe. I know." I said. "When I get back, it'll be all about you and Kion. I swear." I said. "Okay fine. You better hurry back Justin." She said. "Mr.McCann your wife is here." I quickly cut of the microphone. "Babe I gotta go. I love you. Bye." I hung up before she could reply. I sighed putting my hands over my face.

"Baby what's wrong?" Jayla asked walking in. "Nothing babe. Just stressed." I said. She smirked and walked in closing the door. "I could make you feel better." She said walking to my desk and sitting on my lap. "Oh really now?" I smirked. "Yes daddy." She said crawling down my lap. She started unbuckling my pants and pulling them down.

Your POV

I coulda swore they said wife. I'm probably just paranoid. Let me stop. I walked back upstairs to get ready. "Mommy mommy hurry!" Kion said. "I'm going I'm going." I laughed picking him up and carrying him to my room. "You're gonna give mommy advice." I said. He smiled and nodded.

Part two or nahh? 😊  I'm gonna finish them request shortly. I promise. Y'all know i ain't good foh shit. 😂

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