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I had my hair in down with a plait through it. White nail polish, gold eye shadow, a pink corsage and nude high heels. My dress was pink/salmon colour.(^pic above).

"Sweetie, your dates here!" my mom yelled at me up the stairs. I walked down the stairs and everyone's jaw dropped.

"Sis, you look..." started Finn.

"Stunning!" finished Kurt.

"Thanks guys!" I said hugging them.

"Here is a present," Finn then gave me a present.

"Don't open it till you are in the car." We took a few pictures and went to the car.

"You are the most beautiful girl ever," said Artie and he made out a bit. I then opened the bag. And there was a letter. The later says...

To Artie and Liv
Be careful tonight. Use my present. If you don't know what it is it's protection;)
Have fun.
Finn x

We both burst out laughing. Breadstix here we come.


"Jesse, it's great to see you!" I said hugging Jesse.

"You too, you look stunning!" he admired me.

"Thank you!"

"We'll see you guys at prom," Artie said as we walked away.

"Can I take your order?" asked the wait.

"A water, a Coke and the pizzas," Artie replied

"And your number?" he asked. I wrote down something on his paper and he left.

"Did you give him your number?" Artie asked.

"I am a taken woman and I gave a guy I don't even know the name of my number," I answered.

"Come on, guys!" said San.

"Come on where?" we asked.

"To prom," she answered. Then I looked at Artie.

"My watch stopped," he said. I just sigh and went to school.


Quinn,Santana,Brittany and Olivia
All the girls on the block knocking at my door!
Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!

Is your lover playing on your side?
Said he loves you,
But he ain't got time.
Here's the answer.
Come and get it
At a knocked down price.


Full of honey,
Just to make him sweet.
Crystal balling,
Just to help him see
What he's been missing.
So come and get it,
While you've still got time.


Get your boy on his knees
And repeat after me, say

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