Chapter 8: Broken

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I didn't know where Water Fall is so I waited for them to lead the way. Sans seemed to realize that I didn't know where I was going, so he grabbed Papyrus and I's hands. He dragged us to a frozen lake bed, there was a hooded figure on a board waiting there. I looked at them confused, I didn't know exactly what the point of going here was. But I didn't question it, this was my first time being here, so we went on board and went down towards waterfall. It was a quiet ride there, more awkward for me.

When we arrived it was eerily quiet, the sound of water rushing is all that could be heard. I still followed Papyrus, but Sans stayed behind me as if he was afraid I would attack from behind. Honestly I wouldn't blame him, my sister killed him and his brother I don't even know how many times.

We stood in front of a weird shaped house, it almost looked like a fish. Papyrus opened the door and lead the way in, I looked around, in a way it felt a homey place. But in the air I could sense something was off.

Papyrus searched everywhere in the house and couldn't find the one they call Undyne, Papyrus seemed to hurry his step. He ran out the door, I followed worriedly after him and Sans just stayed quiet. He ran and ran, I chased after him and is seemed like it was getting hotter. I slowed down to catch my breath, I began to sweat profusely as the heat washed over my body.

"W--What is this place?" I asked quietly to Sans knowing he would be right behind me, and he just sighed quietly.

"This place is Hotland, keeps to its name doesn't it?" He tried joke around, but I could see his stress in his stance. He grabbed my wrist, and I looked at him wide eyed.

"I know a short cut." He told me, I nodded and we went through the abyss once again. I kept my eyes forward not looking for him this time, I had to keep my focus on the one the called Undyne.

Papyrus was standing over a fried fish person, and it was a ugly sight. She was being fried even after she died, and I felt sorrow for someone I haven't met. Papyrus was crying once again, and I walked forward towards the body. The state the body was in I couldn't tell if Undyne was a boy or a girl, I knelt down and put my hand on their head. The wind started to blow, and I closed my eyes.

Once I opened them, I was surrounded in darkness, and I knew Undyne was around here. I spotted a fish woman further down in the darkness. I went towards her, and she spotted me. She tossed a spear at me, and I quickly dodged the attack. I held my arms up to say I'm not armed, and she didn't believe me. She attacked me again, and she growled at me.

"Why are you here? You already killed me." She yelled at me, and I shook my head at her.

"I didn't kill you! It was Frisk, I'm Caitlin." I said and she looked at me. "Another Human? How are you able to be here? Your.. your soul is white.. And It's also broken?"

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