(1) A Transformation

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"Why do horrible things always happen to me?" Draco grumbled to himself as he looked in the mirror. Today was Draco's 18th birthday and he woke up extremely angry. His anger was mainly due to the pain he was experiencing as his body transformed. Draco's father had briefly mentioned this would happen before he was sent to Azkaban, but Draco couldn't seem to recall the word 'pain' in that conversation. If you could even call it that:

"Draco! Get down here!"

"You called for me, father?"

"Yes, sit, I need to tell you something."


"On your 18th birthday your body will undergo a transformation into your true form."

"What does that mea-?"

"You will have to use masking charms so as to prevent anyone from discovering what you are and sending you off somewhere unfit for people of our stature."

"What are you talking about? What will I beco-"

"That is all. You may leave now, Draco."

As Draco examined his reflection in the mirror his father's words about masking charms made a lot more sense. Draco twisted his body so he could see his back in the mirror and sighed dejectedly. There was nothing he could do but hide, and Draco was extremely tired of hiding. Hiding from the Dark Lord, hiding from Pansy, hiding from his parents, hiding from Potter.

Draco's eyes widened, there was no way he could let Harry Potter find out about this. Or the Weasel, for that matter. In fact, if anyone at Hogwarts found out Draco Malfoy has a cat's ears and tail, he will be completely doomed. Letting the Prophet find out was also out of the question.

The boy watched in the mirror as his soft white-fur ears twitched at the sound of his mother announcing it was time for breakfast. His tail was also covered in soft white fur that reflected the morning light coming in through the window. Draco didn't know whether or not his mother knew what he was, if he inherited it form her, or if he was supposed to hide it form her. His mind still spinning, Draco performed a simple masking spell and made his way to breakfast with a plan to do as much research as possible before returning to Hogwarts for his 8th, and final year of school.

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