10 Minutes. one-shot. [ Ziam ] *Mature*

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WARNING: blowjob.

"I can't believe I agreed to this." Liam muttered, willingly allowing Zayn to drag him into their shared bedroom.

"Do you think you'll last the full 10 minutes?" Zayn asks, wheeling the desk-chair out from under the desk where Liam keeps his laptop.

Liam scoffs "I won't even last 5." He replies, slipping into the chair and mimicking Zayn's cheeky smile.

The eldest of the two laughs, sitting at Liam's feet before shuffling back into the - reasonably wide - space under the desk, "you ready?"

Liam nods soundlessly, griping the edge of the desk and pulling himself forward.

"Think Louis'll be watching it?" Zayn breaths as Liam begins to set up the laptop, waiting for it to load.

"Are you joking?" Liam fires back, glancing down at Zayn for a second, before typing in his password, hands gliding routinely across the keys, "I can guarantee that he, Niall and Harry are all crowded around a computer at this very moment, ready to jack off."

Zayn snickers and nods in amusement, "true."

Liam clicks onto the internet, typing furiously as soon as the Google search bar appears and clicking onto twitter before flicking across the screen, pressing a few more buttons resulting in the twitcam website to pop up, "Its on."

Zayn grins cheekily at him, looking up through his eyelashes, "you ready?"

Liam gulps dryly, nodding stiffly and clearing his throat, "ready," he concludes, pressing start and sending off a quick tweet to the fans to let them know he's on; inviting then to come watch. "Hi guys." He smiles widely, eyes crinkling slightly as he waves at the camera.

Zayn shakes his head, grinning fondly at Liam's enthusiasm. Reaching up he pops the button to Liam's trousers open, relishing in the way the younger boy begins to choke on his words, his breath hitching in surprise.

"I-I..Um-..I thought I'd do a twitcam for you guys."

The sound of a zip being torn open is sounded throughout the room, but Zayn is careful to do it slow and quite, so that the viewers wont be able to pick up on the sound.

He tries to figure out how he'll pull the trousers down, and with a slight tug, manages to get Liam to discreetly lift his hips, high enough for Zayn to drag the trouser down to the boys ankles, a dark pair of boxers in tow.

He begins to palm the half hard and twitching cock that's sat directly in front of him, and Liam's breath hitches again, and he begins to struggle for words as he tries to stay as composed as possible for the fans watching.

Once the dick is fully hard, Zayn grasps onto the base, before proceeding to pump his hand along it, Liam's hips bucking up uncontrollably, his calm demeanor faltering greatly.

The puppy-eyed boy begins to gasp for air, trying his hardest to continue answering whatever questions he can, trying to ignore Zayn's hand that has begun to add a twist to the up stroke, beads of sweat trickling down his forehead and down his back, pre-come collecting at the tip of his penis.

Zayn's tongue flicks out, kitten licking at the head, before kissing it lightly, tongue moving to lick a fat stripe up one of the more prominent veins trailing up the underside of Liam's penis before fitting as much as he can into his mouth.

Liam coughs to cover up his gasp, back falling against the chair, and head desperate to roll back in pleasure. Zayn's head has began to bob over Liam's dick, cheeks hollowing and tightening teasingly. He swallows back a moan, the urge to grasp Zayn's hair and run his fingers through the dark locks becoming unbearable.