Part Eighteen

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Guys! So sorry for not updating in a while. Guess I left you at a sticky end...

Well, don't whine. Here comes part eighteen.


Standing frozen in the dark shadows, complete silence surrounding, Nico would have thought that his and Walt's location would simply be detected by the echoing beat of his heart that slammed in his chest, a stubborn bird trapped in a hollow metal box.

Nico though he noticed the shadow of a long figure dart down the previous alley, now disturbingly close. Walt fingered Nico's shoulder from behind, thumping on it silently and urgently, a gesture signaling nearing danger.

Good to know, Nico thought glumly.

Silent and careful footsteps neared. Nico dared to stop and ponder whether the intruder was wearing rubber shoes. Walt drew him against the shadowed alley wall, like a protective older brother. He then pressed his well-built body against Nico's, shielding him and careful not to seem obvious from within the shadows at the same time. It felt uncomfortable, being pushed and pressed against a rough brick wall of your average Manhattan alley, but comforting at the same time. It felt good to know that there still remained a warm and caring person in the area, no matter the contrasts between them.

Nico squeezed his head above his shoulder and froze in place. Another sound. This time, it sounded like a a heavy scraping of something against the ground. He wasn't wrong. A moment later, a tripping tall figure toppled to the ground, in to the pool of alley-lamp light, and rolled on the ground, groaning in pain.

Nico identified him to be the tall scarred boy who had accompanied Lavinia Steele and the hellhounds. Finally, the boy's vague and darting eyes met Nico's locked-on-target ones and widened in alarm.


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