Chapter 28: The Decision

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Winter's POV

The sound of a gun going off jolted me back to reality as I shifted closer to Tyler, shaking. He quickly pulled me into his lap as he wrapped his arms around me and rocked me like a mother would do to her child. We heard what seemed to be two more shots fired before someone emptied a round into God knows who or what.

Another round was emptied before there was a cease fire and all we heard was things crashing and breaking. I saw Will visibly wince out of the corner of my eye at the sound of glasses shattering and wood splintering.

His house was most definitely ruined by now.

There was more shattering and breaking, as items where supposedly thrown and used as weapons...

...then everything went quiet.

Jess's POV

I emptied my last round into three men that charged over the couch barricade we had made earlier before everything went quiet. I was sitting behind the couch, my gun laying beside me as I applied pressure to my injured leg. Commander was behind the kitchen island, reloading his last round into his gun.

I tried to slide up slightly, hissing from the pain that shot up from my thigh as I peeked over the edge of the couch. I could see three unarmed men standing next to the door, their emptied weapons on the floor beside them. Before I could comprehend what was happening, commander was already engaging in combat with one of them. He hit them in the head with his empty weapon, before his weapon was kicked out of his hand and he was held at gun point by a gun that was miraculously pulled out from the enemies back holster. The little fuckers tricked us.

Everything went quiet as commander held up his hands in surrender.

"It's over." The man in the middle said, his voice rough and deep. I slowly pulled myself up completely, tripping a bit from bullet hole in my leg as I made my way behind the couch. The second man had his gun pointed to me as Shaq himself stood in the middle, gun resting upon his chest.

"Winter?" He suddenly called out into the silent home, "I know you're here."

Commander started to move but the man held the gun even closer.

"Come down Winter, or I'm going to blow your pretty little sisters head right off." Shaq called sweetly, as he straightened his crooked tie clip. I silently prayed to myself that Winter would stay upstairs but all that went to hell when I heard the stairs creek and footsteps approach. Soon enough Winter emerged with Tyler and Will closely behind her.

"My sweet sweet Winter, oh how you've grown." Shaq smiled, as he stepped forward. Winter hesitantly took a step back, terrified. "I'm not going to hurt you." Shaq promised, as he studied her face intensely.

"What do you want?" Winter demanded, as she struggled to maintain control.

"I want you to know the truth Winter, the whole truth." Shaq explained, beaconing Winter closer.

"I already do." Winter replied, shaking her head vigorously as she backed away even further from the insane man.

"Take one more step and I will put a bullet in your sister." Shaq warned, his eyes going dark as Jess's captor pointed the gun directly at her head. Winter immediately moved forward, towards the couch in front of him and took a seat.

"Much better. Now, where should we begin?" Shaq asked, his easy cynical smile returning as he clasped his hand together in an excited way, "oh! How about your grandmother? Have they told you anything about your grandmother?" Immediately, my stomach dropped. This situation had just gotten much more critical.

I glanced over at Winter to see she was thinking for a second before her head curiously shook.

"They haven't? Well, I can tell you all about her! Her name was Rosie, she was actually the founder of this 'family business' I'm in." Shaq started, pulling out the last remaining chair from the dinner table that wasn't broken or covered in bullet holes and grabbed a seat.

"W-what?" Winter stuttered, her breathing becoming more sporadic.

"Wow... They really told you nothing huh? Well, it was around the 1970's when she started moving illegal shipment. She was one amazing women, knew how to lead an army I tell you. It was around 2002 when she was finally arrested, it was a sad day for all of us. She ended up cooperating with the police and was put into witness protection... But she pissed a lot of bad people off. A couple years later, she was killed. Killed by the same man who killed your mother and your father."

"You." Winter spat, her collected facade falling as her anger started to take over.

"Actually, no. Turns out I had a rouge member of my own," Shaq chuckled, slipping out his phone from his pocket as he played with a couple loose strands hanging off his jacket suit, "bring in agent K.C." He spoke into the phone before ending the call shortly after and slipping the phone back into his shirt pocket.

Seconds later, the door burst open as a man pushed another man into the room.

"Winter, meet K.C. The rogue agent from that Commanders division who was the main cause of your fathers, your mothers, and your grandmothers deaths." Shaq announced, pointing to the beaten up man who was being held up by one of Shaqs men.

One of the guards forced the man to his knees as he finally glanced up to meet Winter's eyes.

"Winter." The man croaked out before he was hit from behind with a handle of a gun.

"You will not utter her name." Shaq seethed, his face contorting into that of a maniac for seconds before disappearing. Winter's eyes grew large as if she recognized the man- or his voice, from somewhere.

"I don't understand." Winter replied quietly, attempting to conceal the hate that she had building up inside her.

"Well dontchya get it? I'm not planning to kill you Winter, I'm here to save you," Shaq replied honestly, smiling up at her. "In collateral for all the grief I've caused you, I've brought the man who is solely responsible for all the deaths in your family," Shaq started, as he pulled out a hand held gun from his coat and set it down on the coffee table in front of Winter.

"His fate tonight, whether he lives or dies, is entirely up to you. Who will you hold accountable for the blood that's been spilled?"

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