Chapter 5: Captains Count

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Today was the ever so famous captains count. They had it once in the sunny days, and once in the dark ones. This meant that she and her bracket would have to report early in the morning at the throne room, they would be doing check up's on everyone and the captains would present their vice captains and informants. This would be her first one, but she was sure her sister had already had millions. Meathil laid in her bed looking at the girls around her, everyone had a pretty good training day yesterday. She had a hard time training Pengeth since the girl used a bow and arrow, but everything turned out okay in the end. The sun shined through the windows, soon the others would wake up. She saw Hyril and Thenill sleeping in the same bed even though it was a bunk bed. Maybe they felt more comfortable with someone near them, she did too. When they were kids, Eglanor would sleep next to her because her parents would be gone for long periods of time. She would get lonely so at night Eglanor would sneak into her room and climb in her bed. She always felt safer when he was there, so not having him next to her felt a little weird. But, last night she felt at peace. She didn't know if it was her conversation with Deigil before falling asleep, or knowing her sister was alive and well. She turned her head to see the black haired girl sleeping soundly, she was hugging a pillow. Deigil looked cute when she slept, her hair would cover her face. She stayed there, staring at her, but knew she needed to get everyone up and ready. It was almost mid-morning, they were supposed to meet at noon. She needed to get them up, but she didn't want to get out of her own warm sheets, so how was she supposed to convince them to? Uh, sometimes being in charge was a pain.

"Wake up everyone! Today is the Captains Count remember? We've gotta get ready," She announced only causing a couple of people wake up, that being Hyril which woke up Thennil, then Othes, and Langeth. Hatolel, Deigil, Pengeth, and Hastel were still all asleep. Hyril got out of bed and carefully moved over to Hatolel.

"Hey, wake up Hat, you need to get ready or no reading," That woke her up immediately, she hoped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom turning on the hot water. The reason there was a faucet even though the bath was already full was because the water was cold, and hot water was needed to have a bath. Thennil woke up Pengeth and Hastel, she told them to go take a bath too. Now all that was left to do was to wake up Deigil. She moved out of her bed, not feeling the warmth of her covers anymore made her shiver. But, she moved over to the bed the girl was sleeping in and put her hand on Deigil's shoulder.

"Deigil, wake up," She didn't budge, what would make her wake up? She knew that one way to wake herself up was to tickle her. Maybe, maybe that might just work. She moved her hand to behind the sleeping girls ear and started to gently tickle her, Deigil moved a little bit. She just went full tickle monster on the girl, causing Deigil to open her eyes and laugh so hard she was crying. Who knew that she was this ticklish. "I told you to wake up."

"Next time, I'll remember to do just that," Deigil responded. She helped the girl out of bed and told her to go get in the baths. They were not going to be late on her first Captains Count. Everyone was in the baths and some where already out getting dressed. She got into the baths and washed herself quickly barely taking any time to look at the beautiful morning Venus skies. She got a towel and wrapped it around herself walking back into the bedroom and got dressed. She wore a sleeveless top that had the royal crest on it, and a battle skirt. She also wore a chest plate that wrapped around her entire back made of many metals including gold, shoulder guards that were had the same design as the chest plate, wrist guards made of Venus metal, and large leg guards that protected her shins and lower thighs. She had to wear high socks underneath them because those things hurt if she didn't. Everything was heavy but she learned to get used to it since she practically wore it all day.

She glanced around the room and saw that many of the other girls had armor too, although some were a bit more revealing than her own. Othes didn't have much armor on, or anything on to be honest. The only thing Othes had on was a white long battle skirt with a half chest plate as her top, her stomach was revealed, but she had shoulder and wrist guards on. Hyril, now that was some intense battle armor. The girl had on a chest plate similar to Othes, but she also had a grey battle skirt with a slit up the side for movement. The skirt was held on by metal hip guards that wrapped around her whole lower area. Hyril also had on massive shoulder guards that made her own look childlike, her wrists were protected by metal arm guards covering up to her elbows. But the one thing that stood out most was the huge metal helmet she was wearing, it didn't cover her face but it curved over her head, it looked like the beak of a bird. It was fitting for the nineteen year old, she was 5'10' so she probably had more blind spots than someone lower to the ground.

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