WEBYS - Chapter Seven

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Okay so I wrote this chapter actually on wattpad rather than copy and pasting it from word, so I have no idea how this is going to turn out - if the spacing is all weird or whatever I'm really sorry :S

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::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Seven::

Damn it.

Autum let out a groan of frustration as the phone broke through her once a week scheduled sleep in.

Blindly reaching for her bedside cabinet she let out a string of curse words when her hand hit against the edge of it, affectively knocking off the stack of books she'd placed there along with her phone.

"Stupid bloody mornings." She finished her rant on, pushing her hair out the way as she clambered out of her bed.

"Hello?" She ganswered as intelligibly as she could into the reciever, not bothering to check her caller ID.

She immidiately regretted it when it was her mother who answered her.

"Autumn? Is that you?" Her mother asked.

Autumn closed her eyes against the headache that immediately threatened to take over.


"You haven't changed your number again."

Autumn winced. "I didn't think I needed to." The last time her mother had called her had been over two years ago. "What are you doing calling me right now?"

It hadn't been Autumn who had cut off all ties.

They'd come to a rather quick understanding that neither of them would try to reach out to one another - or rather the last time Autumn had tried reaching out to her mother she'd been treated like a carrier of the plague.

There wasn't any need for greeting, and clearly her mother felt the same way. "I got a phone call this morning. From a reporter. Bernice Evers. I thought we both agreed that you would stay out of the media's attention, Autumn."

Autumn felt her features fall into a deep frown.

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

"We never agreed on anything." Autumn said in a clipped voice.

Her mother conitinued on regardless. "You know, me and your father worked very hard on getting our names to mean something. We don't appreciate you using us as an easy route to fame."

Autumn's teeth were clenching so hard together she was surprised they didn't crack in two.

"I wasn't doing that." She responded tightly. "Look-"

"At what? The fact your father and I hear nothing from you for two years only to find out-"

"You heard nothing from me? That's rich! You guys are the ones that cut off all connections with me for refusing to have surgery!"

"Don't start this again, Autumn."

Autumn felt like tearing all her hair out. "You started this! Not me."

"I wasn't the one talking to reporters."

"It's not like I want to be dragging up the past either, mum. Trust me I'd rather not take a trip down memory lane, but the youth centre I work with were having an article written about them, and the reporter recognised me."

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