Chapter 7: Anger

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Before I had anytime to Morn over his death, my soul had appeared on my chest once more. It was covered in blue, and I was heavy once again. He lifted me up in the air, anger evident in his pin prick eyes. My legs dangled beneath me, which seemed to be the only thing I can control. It stayed like this for what seemed like hours before threw me towards the ground. This is the point where he began to speak to me.

"It was suppose to be different! He wasn't suppose to Die with you here! It changed nothing!" He screamed his low voice seemed to be strained as he did, He lifted me back into the air.

"Frisk Did this to him, again." He bellowed then slammed me against a tree, he fell to his knees his grip on my soul loosened. I held my head, a burning sharp pain went through my brain. If Frisk did this to him.. That means she's taken control of Frisk again. That's why we gave her the Necklace.. Crud! The Necklace, she lost it on the way down! That's why Chara was able to take Frisk over. I crawled over to Papyrus dust pile, with one hand in my pocket I felt the necklace. I put one hand over his dust, as I gripped onto the necklace.

I wished, no I hoped for Papyrus to come back to life. He was just a ray of light in this Darkness, we all need him. He was really The Great Papyrus! I blue left my soul, my white soul returning as I floated up everything went black around me except Papyrus Dust pile. A saw a ghostly figure of Papyrus he looked scared as he looked at his dust.

"Papyrus!" I said relived that he was still here, he looked towards me his eyes full of surprise.

"S-SECOND HUMAN, I-I AM DEAD.. I BELIEVED IN THE TINY HUMAN, I GAVE THEM MY TRUST." He seemed to be crying orange tears, and I stepped closer. He stepped back shaking.

"SHE KILLED ME." He said his voice beginning to soften, I felt my heart ping in sadness at his words. I reached out to him holding my hands out, showing I wouldn't hurt him. He came closer to me, but hesitating to trust me.

"I will bring you back to Sans, and all of your friends. Please trust me." I whispered to Papyrus, he wrapped his arms around me, I could feel his tears fall into my clothes. I didn't care, I looked down to my soul to see two pieces of it break off. It sent a shock wave of pain through me body, two pieces of my soul went into my hands forming into a orange necklace and a blue necklace, and I knew what to do. I pulled away from his embrace slowly and putting the Orange necklace around his neck.

Then the darkness around me started to fade back into white, and I was once again in the cold snow. Sans was still crying next to me, morning over his brother but he was watching me with dark eyes. I took slow breath in looking down to the pile of Dust, I felt wind start to blow and circle around the pile. I scooted back out of the way, Sans did the same. The dust started to reform into bones and his scarf landed around his neck. Papyrus was alive again. He slowly reopened his eyes, Sans stood up quickly jumping up into Papyrus arms. Papyrus and Sans laughed both glade to be alive. I griped the blue necklace in my hand, once they were done They looked towards me.

"THANK YOU SECOND HUMAN! YOU KEPT YOUR PROMISE. YOU BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE." Papyrus said as he picked me up and hugged me tightly. Once he put me down, and Sans came up to me. Before he could say anything I held out the blue necklace, he took it with his boney fingers.

"Put it on, after that we need to Find Cha- Frisk and put her killing to an end. Put all of this to an end." I said as he put it around his neck, he looked up to me.

"So we are just going to ignore that you just brought a Monster back to life? No one could do that not even Determination." Sans said as he crossed his arms, I just shook my head.

"I don't need Determination, I need Hope. And that's what I used, there is nothing else to Talk about. We need to worry about the other monsters that could of gotten in her way. Where would Frisk be heading next?" I told him, he nodded and looked over to Papyrus with wide eyes.

"She would be heading to waterfall, Where Undyne is." Sans said and I look over to them.

"And that's where we'll go."

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