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As I stare at your sleeping face

I just can't help but to reminisce

I can remember every single moment vividly, as if they were etched permanently in my being

And I can't help but to just close my eyes as they flashes, as if they were scenes from a movie

Except that they happened

They happened in real life and not just acted


"Tell me you're not serious.."

"But I am."

"God, are you an idiot?"

"Can you just support my decision?"

"But your decision is beyond ludicrous!!"

"Well, this is what I wanted."

"But this is not what you needed."

"Dinah I-"

"Mila, you must listen to me. This will not do you any good."

"Please...just help me this one last time. I can't do this alone, Dinah."


"Camz! Right here!"

The called brunette smiled as she saunters towards the waving raven haired girl.

"Hey, Lo what's up?" Camila removed her snow-stained jacket before sitting across the raven haired girl. "Sorry if I was late, I just have to call for an emergency me—"

"Hey, hey. It's okay, besides I just got here as well."


Lauren chuckled. "You know me too well."

"Well, we shared a roof for nothing."

Camila raised her hand to call for the waiter only to be stopped by her friend.

"It's on me today, Camz." Lauren dismissed the waiter who managed to catch the brunette's hand. "I've ordered so wait for it."

Camila sighed. "Lo, you know I don't like you pampering me."

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