Chapter 19

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The Captain released Eli's shirt.

"Do we attack?" Eli asked.

"How many people did you say were taken?" Captain Johan asked Hailie.

She thought about it. "About thirty. Do you plan to take them with us?" She was hoping he would say no. She didn't want them dead. She just didn't want to be anywhere near them.

"Yes but we don't have enough supplies on board for so many people. Lilly, blow out the lanterns. We're taking the ship," Captain Johan said. He pushed back his chair and headed for the stairs.

"I already did." She ran back up the stairs to tell Kendra.

Shen stood. "Maybe you should stay here," he said to Celeste. "We can't lose the ship's doctor."

She grinned. "And miss out on all the fun? No thank you. They can't catch me to kill me. Plus I have to make sure you don't die since your arms are weak." She walked off, chuckling.

"I never said they were weak. I said they were tired. We had to pull the ship out to sea," Shen said following her out.

Only Hailie, Eli and Gordon were left in the room.

"Hailie, stay down here with Gordon," Eli said.


"Stay." His voice was firm. She looked back down at her plate.

She nodded. "Fine, I will stay."

"Good. Hopefully this won't take very long." His hand rested on her bare neck his fingers in her hair then it disappeared and Eli was heading out the door. It had been a swift movement, his hand there and gone in a few seconds, but she felt more relaxed and for some reason she wanted him to do that again. She pushed those thoughts out of her head. She must have been hit one too many times.

"Aren't you going as well?" she asked Gordon.

He shook his head. "They don't need my help for something like this. I prefer to avoid fighting as much as possible."

"You do realise you are on a pirate ship right?"

"When we go for Zigzag I will be right there with you, but for a merchant ship it isn't necessary. Usually once they hear Eli's name and see everyone else, they surrender. Eli's name isn't the only one they use. Everyone else on this ship has a bad reputation but he is the most infamous. If that doesn't work then just killing the captain usually stops anyone else from fighting. It's pretty boring so I don't go."

"Everyone else has a reputation? Like who?" Hailie asked.

"Kendra and Zigzag for one. You probably wouldn't have heard of them though. People think they're myths like Eli. They also aren't known by their real names."

"But everyone still knows of Eli."

"That's because his rumours are the most interesting and have the most evidence."

"But why is Eli the only one who doesn't have a name besides his own?"

"I don't know. He was already infamous by the time I got here. Took me months to connect Eli with Elijah Trent. He doesn't like people using his full name unless necessary. I don't blame him. I would hate having people being terrified of me all the time because of my name, but it comes in handy a lot of the time."

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