10: Mood Swings ( 3rd Person POV)

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Since becoming pregnant Sarah have had some mood swings, but nothing to bad. But today, today was a different story. She was Mad, crying and happy all through the day, many times a day. And the mood would switch just like that. At the moment she was cleaning her and Niall's bedroom, and she was filled with anger. Niall had left all his clothes on the floor and Sarah hated that. She yelled at Niall and he came running in.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Niall asked

" Why the hell is all your clothes on the floor? They should be in your closet" Sarah yelled angrily.

Niall knew it was the mood swings, so he hurried over to her and comforted her.

" I'm so sorry baby, i will pick them up right now, and put them in the closet" Niall said quietly.

Sarah left them room and went down stairs and sat on the couch, and she just started bawling her eyes out. After about 10 minutes Niall came back down and saw that his wife was crying. He hurried over to her and sat down next to Sarah and pulled her into his arms.

"Baby, what's wrong?" He asked carefuly.

"I'm so sorry i yelled at you Niall. It's these stupid mood swings, they get the best of me sometimes" Sarah cried silently.

"Honey, it's ok you can't help it, and i promise to clean up my clothes from now on" Niall said as he wiped his wife's tears.

The rest of that day Niall and Sarah just spent inside relaxing and eating lots of food. Cause Lets be real, Sarah was wating for three and Niall would use any excuse to eat. Sarah was happy with Niall, and Niall was happy with Sarah. They were both excited for their two girls to come, and what the future would bring:)

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