I stared at Hunter as he stared at the sky. I knew that he noticed me staring, but right now I don't care about that. Hunter smiled a bit to himself, making me grin even wider. The smallest things about Hunter were usually the best. Aside from his good looks, no one knows how amazing his eyes spark up when he's happy. The happy Hunter is finally showing himself. I know that Hunter isn't careful about his identity around me anymore, but somewhere I still feel like there is so much more behind him. I feel like there is so much more this guy isn't telling me. 

I removed my gaze from Hunter and stared at the sky. The dark sky was glimmering with it's beautiful shining stars. The moon was so bright, it lit up Hunter his face even more. I suddenly started thinking of my parents and smiled. I know that they might be sad after what happened to me, but one thing I can say for sure. My parents are still proud of me. I've stayed the way they raised me. I've never been rude to people and I've always respected everyone; even Tony. I still don't know about Alyssa though.

"When I was a kid, my Mom used to bring me up the hill at the border of Anton and we would stargaze." I said out of nowhere. "She would always tell me about the amazing people in her life who were no longer part of this world," I blinked. "My Mom told me that when a loved one dies, they turn into a star and they look at you, probably protecting you. She told me that one day she would be gone too, and when that happens, I shouldn't be sad, because she's always here, looking at me. She is never really away from me." 

I continued staring at the sky as I felt Hunter staring at me. "Your Mom must have been a wonderful person." he said. 

I smiled and looked at him. "She was. She and my father were the best parents ever. Dad captured everything in his camera and that CD is the only thing I have left now. They always loved me no matter what. There was this one time this guy just pushed me while I was walking home from school. I was just seven then. I had a few bruises here and there, so when I got home, my parents saw them and my dad went all bonkers." I chuckled. "He went to school the next day and threatened the poor boy that he would feed him to wolves if he ever dared to bully someone ever again." I shook my head as I thought back to that day. 

Hunter chuckled and looked at the sky again. "Parents are like that, Zoe. They care a bit too much. So much, that they sometimes end up hurting themselves." Hunter said and I frowned. 

That obviously has a meaning. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

Hunter chuckled, still now looking at me. "My parents were once the best parents too, Zoe. But after my dad found out about my mom cheating on him, everything just became different. My mom stated that she did it because she was scared to go crazy by having obnoxious kids, so she just looked for sexual satisfaction. I didn't really ever believe that, but that made Blaze the most insecure person ever. She started distancing herself from everyone. Even me, but I never let that happen. I was always there for her, since I promised to protect her no matter what." he looked at me. 

"Hunter, you don't—" 

"I know, Zoe." he cut me off. "I know I don't have to, but I want to. It feels good to finally be able to tell someone all of this," he looked at me. "It's true that I killed my parents, but that's not what's making me feel horrible. What makes me feel horrible is that I fucking enjoyed it." he clenched his jaw. 


"I fucking enjoyed killing them. The people who raised me; I killed them, and I enjoyed it. I know they started acting like monsters after talking about my Mom cheating, but that still makes me feel guilty as fuck. I enjoyed killing every person I ever killed. I enjoyed being part of the mafia, and that frustrates me. I don't want to be like this." he breathed out. 

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