The Journey Begins

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I am back everyone and i came with a new story . I asked everyone in a poll what story you wanted next and a big percentage of it voted for a harem story , and as the good guy I am , I decided to write it .
The story takes place right after the battle with Pain so everything before that event was pretty much the same . I want you guys to gibe suggestions on the review section who should I put on this story on later chapters .
The first one to join the harem will be my favorite Hinata .
I want a big support from you like always on this story and let's go in with the story .

------------Chapter 1-----------

Naruto was walking towards the now being rebuild Hokage tower . As he looked around he saw what used to be a happy and joy filled village , now turned into a big crater from Pain . It all happened about a week ago when he stopped Pain and Nagato with the help of his friends and especially a certain Hyuga heiress . He remembered as she jumped into action and saved his life not thinking about hers and he still had not thanked her for it . His train of thoughts cane to an end as he reached his destination and entered inside for the mission he had been called for . He politely knocked on the door and recieved permission to enter and he did so .

As he got inside , he noticed that a recovered Tsunade but still not fully recovered stood behind her desk as to her side was her usual assistant and her sister figure Shizune . He now reached in front of the and gave Tsunade his usually goofy grin as he said .
"Hey baa-chan . Good to see you recovered ." Said Naruto as a nerve became visible on Tsunade's forehead as she tightened her fist .
"Call me that just one more time and you will see how I have recovered ." Said Tsunade making Naruto sweat heavily and apologising .
"Back to business . I called you here because I have an A-rank mission for you . You will have to send this scrolls to 4 other nations . The wind , Stone , Lightning and Water Nations and deliver this to their respective Kages . This are scrolls that carry a message for the Kages , requiring help from them to help us through this time ." Said Tsunade as Naruto picked up the scrolls and putting them in his pouch . After that Tsunade continued .
"Also you will have a team mate with you and due to the low finances we are in , you 2 will need to share one tent and sleep in the same room on any place you take rest since we can't afford to much ." Finished Tsunade .

"No problem for me . Just tell me who is my team mate and where do I need to go first ?" Said Naruto . Tsunade smirked at this .

"As for the destination , you can choose it where you want to go first . And as for your team mate ..." stopped Tsubade as the door behind Naruto opened making hin turn around . When he saw his team mate he nearly fainted as in front of him was now Hinata Hyuga . The thought of sleeping together with her nearly gave Naruto a heart attack .

" Hello Naruto-kun " said Hinata as she came next to him .
"H-h-hello Hinata-chan ." Replied Naruto as now the roles were changed and he was suttering in front of her .
"Hinata already knows the intel for the mission and she agreed to accompony you . Is there any objections from you ?" Said Tsunade staring at Naruto.
"Of course not . Just when do we leave ?" Said Naruto .
"In one hour . Decide where you want to go first ." Said Tsunade .

"I was thinking of going to the Sand village first since Gaara is there and we can finish there quickly . If Hinata doesn't like it we can go somewhere else first." Said Naruto looking at Hinata .
"It's okay with me ." Said Hinata .
"Okay then . Go to your houses and grab what you need and Hinata takes the tent you will camp on . Now go " said Tsunade as Naruto and Hinata bowed and left the room together .

----- On the streets ------
Hinata and Naruto were walking together . There was an awkward silence between them since none of them knew what to say to the other one .Soon they reached the road where they had to seperate to get to their respective houses . Without saying a word they seperated .

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