imagine: sodapop curtis

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for Stormie:
[ You and Sodapop are having a lazy day today, due to school being canceled because of a huge snow storm. It gets very cold in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the winter.  The day seems special, and it is- the two of you have been together for five years; you're both twenty two. The two of you are sat down, watching Mickey cartoons as you cuddle close together. ]
  It said on the news radio that it would snow heavily today, and, luckily, it did.
  I woke up cradled in Soda's arms, his head leaned back on the sofa. When I opened my eyes, he looked down at me and smiled.
  "Morning, sugar," he says, yawning. "Good morning," I yawned back.
  He stretched his arms out and stood up, picking me up with him. We walked to the kitchen and he sat me down on the table.
  "What's on the schedule today?" He asks. "Snowed us in last night."
  I smiled wide. "So now," I started. "No work for you, no school for me." He nodded in response, and walked to the fridge, pulling out the milk and chocolate syrup.
  His ocean blue eyes looked at me. "Want some?"
  I nod, and he grabs two glasses; a big one for him and a smaller one for me, and pours our milk, drowning it in chocolate syrup after.
  "We should go exploring today," I suggested as he handed me my milk. "It's freezing and the ground is covered in snow," he sighed, and I frowned. "But if you want to, I can make the exception."
  I chugged my milk down and jumped off of the table, running to the front door to grab my leather jacket and my hoodie to put underneath. I run back to the kitchen and grab Soda's hand, and he finishes his milk and sets it on the table in the front room as we enter.
  He grabs his coat and throws it on, and I open the door to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland. "Ooh, let me grab my camera!" I shout, running to Soda's room. I put the strap around my neck and let the large camera hang. "Okay, let's go," I say, grabbing Soda's hand.
  We walk out the door and head down the street when Soda says something. "What kinda house d'ya wanna buy when we move in together?" I was honestly shocked when he asked it.
  "A-a house together?" I stuttered. "Yeah, you're almost outta high school and you're gonna go to the junior college during the day to take the classes, right?" He asked.
  I nodded in response. "I'd always imagined the two of us living in a cabin near the woods, overlooking a beautiful scenery," I began. "Or maybe even a small house like now."
  He nodded back. "I can't wait 'till the day we get married," he says, grabbing my hand. "What'd ya think it'll be like- the wedding?"
  We had conversations such as this one all of the time. It was a normal thing. "Nothing to fancy, just small, but unique. Maybe a Mickey cake with a red and yellow theme," I smiled. "Like with some red roses and yellow ones, too. And the cake can have a Mickey and Minnie topper with pearls and a lace pattern."
  He laughed. "I'm getting a little bit too detailed, aren't I?" But he shook his head. "No, it sounds perfect."
  "What about a dog- what kind?" He asked.
  "Definitely a husky or a German Shepard- oh, or both!" I said excitedly. "We would name it Rufus, or something else." I giggled, and he did the same, the air freezing as we breathed.
  I looked at him and never realized how much his eyes shined in the sun- or how he was always smiling no matter what mood he was in. When I looked back at Soda, he wasn't there. "Soda?"
  I was about to turn around when something hit my back; a snowball. I smirked and held the back of my head, pretending to be hurt, and he ran up to me. "Holy hell, there wasn't a rock in there was there-" but I interrupted him by shoving a small handful of snow in his face.
  The snow dropped down, and he had his eyes closed, and a huge grin on his face. "Don't scare me like that!" He laughed.
  I leaned in and kissed him on his cold, red nose and he got up and helped me. I looked up to see the sun rising up over the small, run down city. I quickly pulled out my camera and snapped a picture.
  After I took it, Sodapop stepped in front of me and smiled. "I've been waiting for this moment," he said, grabbing my hands. "This is the place where we had our first kiss, remember? The place I asked you out five years ago."
I nodded, smiling and slightly tipping my head, but he continued. "I wanted to come here today because..."
He backed up a little bit and reached in his pocket, and I immediately knew what it was. He took out a small lavender box and went down on one knee, and I covered my face as he did.
"Stormie, would you do me the honor of marrying me?" He asked, tears welling up.
I ran up to him and squeezed him tightly nodding my head. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" I let go of him and smashed my lips onto his, and he kissed me back.
He grabbed the ring, which was a single band with a medium sized diamond on it, pearls on each side and three small diamonds leading down. He put it on my finger. "This is the best day of my life," I smiled, and we continued to walk to the town, off to a new, fancy restaurant.
Hopefully she sees this, but I made this for my friend Stormie and I hope she likes it!

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