Sad Goodbyes

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The last chapter of this fanfic. I hope you enjoyed the fanfic, and that maybe you'll check out my other ones? Thank you so much for reading, and here's the last chapter. Enjoy.

Your POV

I sit up when Eren comes into my room with Eli, now 22 and graduated from college(your children are very smart, just like their mom!), and Lily, now 19 and in college. I smile at them and they return it. The doctors nod and leave the room.

"Hi guys. How's college going, Lily?" I say.

I then violently cough. They all rush towards me, but I put my hand up.

"It's ok. Don't worry." I say.

"College is good, mom." Lily replies to my first question.

"And Eli, how's your job?" I ask.

"It's good mom. I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but how long did they say you have?" Eli says.

I shake my head.

"They haven't." I respond.

That's right. It's been 4 years since I was diagnosed with meningitis. Time passes fast when you sleep most of the time.

"Hey kids, do you mind leaving me and mom in here for a second?" Eren requests.

Eli immediately nods, understanding immediately, but Lily looks like she's about to protest. Eli elbows her softly, and she nods. They walk out of the room and close the door behind them. Eren walks up to me and lays his head in my chest.

"It's ok, Eren. I'm still here, aren't I?" I say.

Eren starts crying into my chest. I rub his head and smile.

"Eren, will you look at me?" I ask.

He looks up at me with red eyes and a red nose. I brush his face with my hand and he rubs his face into it. He puts his forehead to mine, and we just stay there for a little. Eren pulls his face away and looks me in the eye.

"Why you?" Eren asks.

I chuckle a little, then cough. I cover my mouth to avoid coughing on him.

"I guess I just didn't have the best of luck." I joke.

Eren smiles at me with tears in his eyes. He brings his face close to mine, and kisses me gently. He pulls away, and I begin to cough more violently than before. The doctors burst through the door, and Eren steps back. I get one more glimpse at him, then at my kids, and everything goes black.

Eren's POV

(F/N) is covered in doctors, and I can't see her. A few of the doctors rush around, then they grab something. Deffibrelators. No.

"She's going into cardiac arrest! Hurry!!!" one doctor screams.

My eyes widen when I hear those words. I hear Lily start to cry. She's trying to get a medical degree, so she knows what that means. A nurse walks up to me.

"You must leave, sir. The doctors are doing everything they can." the nurse says.

I nod and I take my kids; and we leave the room. We sit down outside of the room, and the kids try to fall asleep in my lap.

Eli's POV, from when Eren asked him to leave

"Hey kids, do you mind leaving me and mom in here for a second?" dad requests.

He must need some time to express. I nod. Lily is about protest, so I elbow her. She looks at me, and I stare at her. She seems to understand and nods too. We leave the room, closing the door behind us.

"Why did you elbow me?" Lily asks.

"Dad is keeping on an appearance! He's staying strong for us!" I whisper scream.

She looks taken aback, then she calms down again. She walks into my arms and starts to whimper. I guess she knows mom's on her last leg. It's been 4 years. She won't recover from this. I don't need medical training to see that. I hear a beep, and the doctors run past us and into the room. We go into the room with them, but stay near the doorway. The doctors grab something off the table next to mom's bed, and rush next to her.

"She's going into cardiac arrest! Hurry!!!" one doctor screams.

I see dad's eyes widen, and my eyes widen as well when we hear those words. Lily starts to cry into my shoulder. A nurse walks up to dad and tells him something. Dad nods, then walks to us. He takes us to the bench outside of mom's room and sits us down. We lay in his lap, both of us whimpering. Finally, I fall asleep.

Eren's POV

After a few hours of waiting and crying while the kids slept, a doctor comes outside of the room. He looks up at us gravely.

"We managed to save her for now, but she'll die in a few minutes. She wanted to talk to you guys." the doctor says.

I wake the kids up and we walk into the room. Everyone except for us leave the room. (F/N) is laying on her bed; her breathing shallow.

"Eren, Eli, Lily. Please come here." she wheezes out.

We all go to the edge of her bed and kneel.

"I thought I should tell you this, being on my deathbed and all..... I couldn't have wished for a better family. While there were times you guys were difficult, I wouldn't trade you guys for the world. So please. Keep smiling. REAL smiles. For me. When I die, you guys will be sad, but I want you guys to move on. Have kids. Give me grandchildren." she whispers.

We all laugh and cry at her last sentance.

"Don't linger in the past. Eli and Lily, don't EVER lose the bright smiles you guys have. And Eren, the person who was ALWAYS there for me, don't let the brightness in your beautiful eyes leave. You have people who need that light. Remember guys. Don't forget what I asked of you. And NEVER forget this........ I'll ALWAYS be with you........." (F/N) whispers, before closing her eyes.

Her breathing shallows, and her tears fall down her cheeks. Finally she exhales her last breath, smiling. Lily and Eli start crying/screaming into (F/N)'s chest. I let my tears fall down my cheeks and hug Eli and Lily. They sit up and hug my shoulders, crying into my shoulders now. I look out the window at the rain. I promise you (F/N). I'll make sure to always remember what you said. I love you (F/N), and goodbye for the last time.

And that signals the end of the chapter. I was crying while writing this, even while listening to upbeat music. I know it was sad, but I hope it made you feel complete. I do plan on putting out a Q&A book about me/my writing stuff, so if you want to ask some questions, go ahead and leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading, and goodbye for the last time(unless you go read my other fanfics ;P).

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