Chapter Forty-Four ~ Best Day Of My Life

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*Hazel's POV*

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my heated towel around my body. I really could get used to being in this hotel. Heated towels, exquisite room-service, amazing rooms, beaches. This was the life. We had all decided to go out to eat tonight to a fancy restaurant since the boys wanted us to get the full experience. All of the boys were in Paul's room below us getting ready while us girls were getting ready in our suite. Eleanor and Wynter had them leave since we wanted to get ready without them seeing us until we had to leave and at first they'd been a bit annoyed but quickly thought it was a good idea when they thought about being able to act like they were picking us up from our houses to take us out.

Whatever floats their boats.

I quickly dried off, singing along to the music blaring. Once I wasn't dripping in water, I walked out of the steamy room and into the living room, which had been transformed. The table was cleared of all the candles and dishes and was replaced with all of our clothing suitcases. The large couch in the living room was stacked with all of our make-up, which was way too much. Eh, we're teenage girls, what did you expect?

In the double-bed bedroom, everything relating to hair was found. Multiple curling irons and straighteners were plugged into outlets, heating up. Hairspray bottles, leave-in conditioner, mouse, hair gel, and many other hair products littered the floor. There were also some bows, clips, about a thousand bobby-pins, headbands, hair ties, etc.

And then the kitchen had become the mini nail salon. Here's a tip every guy should know and be prepared for if they ever are in some type of heterosexual relationship: this IS what girls do to places if you leave us alone and in groups!

Eleanor grabbed me and dragged me over to the suitcases lined up on the table. "l am in charge of dressing everyone, so come on." Is it reasonable to say that I'm scared?

Cause I'm terrified.

*Liam's POV*

"Paul, have you seen my shirt?!" I called.

I heard someone rummaging around in the bedroom and then he replied, "Right here!" My white button down was tossed out the door and I caught it, slipping my arms into the sleeves and buttoning it up completely. "l swear, you guys are worse than girls." I laughed but would've disagreed with his remark if I'd known what our suite looked like right now.

"Lads, where is my jacket?" Harry asked us all. Meanwhile, Louis was pounding on the bathroom door telling Zayn to get out and that his hair was fine and Niall was in the kitchen. I didn't tell him to stop eating cause he'd be starving in an hour.

Paul rubbed his face tiredly. "You guys can leave me out of this. I'll be in my room watching TV, don't need me unless someone is about to die please." I chuckled as he walked into his room, closing the door behind him. I quickly slipped on my black jeans and trainers, examining myself to make sure I looked alright.

Over time, the others slowly became ready. Niall was in a navy blue tee shirt that had a white line at the end of the sleeves from wear his white undershirt peeked out and grey jeans. Zayn was in a white long sleeved shirt and a jean jacket with grey jeans. Louis was in a white collard shirt with a grey sweater over it and light blue jeans. And then Harry was in a navy blue tee shirt with an unbuttoned lighter blue shirt over it and dark blue jeans. "Are we all ready?" I asked. They all nodded so I retrieved Paul and we all headed to the elevator to get the girls

*Wynter's POV*

"Aqua, sit still! My goodness," I exclaimed. I was in charge of make up and she'd laughed for the fourth time, making me smear her eye shadow. I pursed my lips and softly dabbed at the part I messed up, then went back to reapplying it. I was completely ready, except I still had to put my outfit on. Aqua just had to let me finish her make up, then she'd be ready. El still had to do her hair and Scarlet also needed to get dressed; Hazel was the only one completely ready. We'd done that on purpose, wanting to make sure nothing about her had been rushed and ended up sloppy.

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