Chapter Forty-Three ~ Worms and Chicken

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*Wynter's POV*

Everyone knows that Zayn likes his sleep, so while we were all up and eating breakfast Zayn was still in bed lost in la-la land. We were all trying to decide what we were going to do today. We could go to the beach, scuba dive, hike in the bamboo forests, shop, etc. I personally wanted to go to the beach since I've never been to one and until I go, I'm missing out.

So far, Aqua, Scarlet, Eleanor, Hazel, Harry, and I wanted to go to the beach. Louis and Liam wanted to hike while Niall wanted to scuba dive. "So far, beach is winning," Eleanor pointed out. "But I want to go on an adventure!" Louis complained, giving her the puppy dog face. She chuckled and kissed his chin. "We can go on an adventure another day, Lou." He pouted, but kissed her forehead.

"We should save the scuba diving for another day. You know, save the best for last," Aqua said to Niall. He smiled at her. "Alright, princess." With all the cute, couply stuff going on around me, I couldn't hold it back any longer. "AWWWWW!" I squealed, making Harry flinch and cover his ears. Everyone chuckled, except Niall laughed like I was Kevin Heart! "So we're going to the beach?"

"Yep!" Hazel confirmed. I squealed again and pushed my chair back, abandoning my French toast to sprint to Zayn. I clambered onto the bed and began jumping, yelling, "ZAYN! GET UP, GET UP, GET UP! WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH! C'MON!" His head snapped up and he looked up and me, smiling slightly and rubbing his eyes. "If anyone else was waking me up, they'd be dead."

I plopped down, legs on either side of his waist and my hands on his shoulders. With a monotone voice and straight face, I said, "If you don't get up, you'll be dead." He stared at me for a moment, eyes searching my face for emotion and finding none. He very slowly sat up while lifting me off of him and then slowly got out of bed and slowly backing away from me and towards the door. At his same pace, he closed it. All the while I was watching him with a straight face.

After a couple seconds, I heard someone yell, "DADDY, SHE'S GONNA KILL ME!" I lost it and started laughing so hard that I fell off the bed. Within thirty minutes, we'd all gotten dressed and covered ourselves in sunscreen to keep from getting sun burnt.

I was in a pink and white bikini with striped bottoms and a polka dot bandeau top, peach-colored shorts with blue pockets and a white, long sleeved button down shirt. My shoes were white sandals, my hair was in a messy bun, and I had aviator glasses. My beach bag -which was carrying my towel, extra sunscreen, and wallet- was black with a pink, orange and green design.

Aqua was in a bright blue bikini with a black and white striped shirt and yellow shorts. Her hair was in a ponytail, she was wearing white flip flops, her beach bag was black and white stripped, and her glasses were black party shades.

Eleanor was in a light green bikini with a ruffle in the top and had on a white button down tank top with dark blue jean shorts. Her shoes were tan sandals with a bow on them, she had on aviator glasses, and her beach bag white, navy blue, and tan stripes. Her hair was down in its natural waves.

Hazel was in a white bikini with blue anchors all over it. Her shirt was a superman logo, half cut shirt and her shorts were red. Her flip flops were yellow and tan, her party shades were yellow, and her beach bag was white with a big blue anchor on the front. Her hair was natural.

Scarlet had on a light pink bikini with a light blue Aztec design. It had a bandeau top. she had on a loose tank top and dark blue jean shorts. Her glasses were teal-ish party shades, her hair was in a ponytail, her sandals were light brown, and her beach bag was black.

Once we were all ready, we ran to receive Paul and headed out. Apparently we had to drive to a part of the beach that had been blocked off for just us, just in case there were a few fans or paparazzi here. I was so glad because that means there was less of a chance of my body being shown off to the public eye. We all piled into the red van that Paul had been a genius to rent out for the entire vacation.

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