Oberyn Martell Catch Up Preferences

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Hey guys,

Yes I have decided to do catch up preferences on Oberyn as well. Also I've started up my own Game of thrones preferences and imagines check it out if your interested.



How you meet: You and Oberyn met at a brothel he was taking whores and you were visiting your cousin who had become a whore god knows why. "My lord" you had nodded politely "M'lady" he had replied you smiled. "why are you here?" he asked "visiting my cousin" you replied. That's how you met Oberyn.

What you and him do in your free time: You swim in the water gardens in Dorne.

First Kiss: It was deep and meaningful an hour or two after you met. He had surprised you by kissing you when you were talking and bet him he could never impress you or make you blush but oh he did.

First time you felt a real connection: You first felt a real connection when you were learning how to throw a spear and you finally threw it further then his but you were sure he only let you win because he cared.

First time you went all the way: It was after you met the night after he was taking whores again and you asked him if he'd ever been with a girl who wasn't a whore. "Yes I have" he replied you smirked "prove it" he grinned and did he kissed you and pinned you down against the bed and he fucked you like it was the last night on earth for you. You loved every second of it.

Our Weddings: The day you wed was a perfect day you were wed in the gardens which was very special and the dornish called you unique saying you were the first girl Oberyn fell in love with. 

Your Children: You had two daughters with Oberyn Stella and Thea.

Favorite place to do it{Smut}:  The water gardens. You always found it hilarious whenever you were caught.

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