Chapter 4

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Jake's brother was Francis...

"Jake? Marie?" Francis said in a surprised manner. Jake ran to Francis and he cupped jake's face. "Woah. What happened? Why do you have blood stains on your pants lil bro?" He said. "Since when do you know each other?" He asked. "Just a while ago" jake said. "Marie please sit" he said referring to the chair in front of him.

"Is there any particular reason why you asked me to be here?" I asked politely. "Nah. Just wanted to grab lunch with you." He said coolly. "Thanks for coming though" he said. Blushing, I smiled at him.

He looked at his brothers leg. "What happened to you." Francis asked. "I ... Um sort of tripped." He said scratching his head. "Who wrapped your leg with bandages some 3 year old?" He said sarcastically. That was quite offensive though. "I did the wrapping." I said a hint of embarrassment in my tone. "Oh you did? Wait its actually great wrapping. Its so neat, it looks tight enough and the bandages looks clean. Nice job. But..." He said as he leaned forward "but" he said whispering. "I ..... better" he said whispering in a cute tone. Then a thought struck me. "What did you say? I didn't hear you. Who are you whispering for? Me? Or your ass?" I said sarcastically. He frowns. "Nah im just kidding. I heard you loud and clear romeo" I said as I laughed.

"Could we get something to eat now? Cause im starving!" Francis said. So we left jake to wait while we ordered food. After we ate we went straight back to the dorm he took his car and I took mine.


I swung the door to my dorm open and saw monica waiting for me at the couch. "Where were you?" She said with her eyebrows raised up. "No monica. Where were you?" I said turning back the question towards her. Obviously she and ethan must've did something.

I dropped my bag on the bed and lay down next to it. "You were with Francis weren't you?" She said looking at me. "H-how did you know that?" I said as I sat up. Then she took out a paper that seemed all too familiar. It was the paper left on top of my table. I forgot to bring it with me. "This" she said holding up the paper in front on my face. "Then?" I said. "Then tell me what happened!" She exclaimed as she jumped on me.

This is why she knows everything about me. She forces me to spit it. She asks for feedback always because thats what I do to her too. I just love her. She's my BFF. She knows that I have a major crush on francis and that I find this japanese guy cute. She knows that I love the color purple. She knows I love reading. She would sometimes get mad at me for reading too much because she couldn't talk to me. Once I start reading, theres no more disturbing me anymore.

Then there I told her how I had an encounter with Francis's brother before I actually say Francis. I told her that I had to show off my first aid skills because his lil bro was wounded. I also told her of how I was insulted on my first aid skills. And everything else.

"HAH! You actually got insulted!" She said pointing her finger at my face. "Ha ha ha. Really funny" I said sarcastically. "But seriously though who on earth would dare insult your mad bandaging skills." She said highlighting the mad. I laughed at this.

Then A thought strucked me. I remembered that kira borrowed my journal because she had to copy some crappy pointers for the upcoming tests.

There was a long awkward silence untill I decided to speak. "Hey. I'll be in Kira's dorm if you need me" I said as I stood up. I grab the door knob and twisted it. But when I swung the door open there was an unexpected guest on my dorm room's door. It was a guy with crazy hair. He was hold a paper and had black eye bags under his eyes. Then he lifted the paper in his hand to my face and started screaming.

"YOU HAVE TO SEARCH THESE UP MARIE!!!" He shouted. There was a list of wierd stuff on the paper that had a note at the side of it search in google. "Um... Lets see." I said. I forgot for a moment that lorenzo, the guy standing in front of me is a total computer freak. He tells me stuff about the deep web, elephantitis and white phosphorus and other more wierd stuff. And on the other hand I find myself searching his recommendations having to give him feed back since we're in the same class.

"PLEASE!!!!" He said. "You HAVE to search it" he said highlighting the word have as if it was an absolute must. I thought about it for a second. Everything he tells me to search ends up being interesting. Hmm. "FINE. Give me that!" I said snatching the paper from his hands and reading its contents. Hmm this sounds interesting especially

"Yes!" He said then left. Finally he actually left. I folded the paper and placed the paper in my pocket. "I'll be back monica." I said to her then slammed the door shut after me.

Then now to find room 67. I looked aroundand only saw the number thirty. I walked and turned left and saw number 40s then turned right then saw number 50s. I looked at each dorm room number. 61... 63...65...67, 67! Here we go. I twisted the door knob and gaped my mouth in awe. T-the r-room, its split in half. Half of it was green and half of it was blue. I couldnt help notice the line of tape in the middle of the room. They must really hate each other.

On kira's half there was a green bed, a wooden closet, a mirror, bookshelf and a table with books. I saw sitting on the bed was kira.
I raised my hand lazily as a greeting "Sup"I said coolly. "Hey" she said yawning.

Anyways. On kirks side was a basketball, badman mask,a computer,a skateboard, some cool bags and a few shelves. Kirks side was cool and kiras side was elegant.

Kira patted an empty space in her bed gesturing for me to sit. "So why are you here?" She said as if not knowing anything I own that she has.
"You know what I need kiw." I said squinting at her. "I um..." She said not looking me in the eye as if guilty. "I accidentally threw it to the other side..." She said playing with her fingers. "W-what other side?" I said. Oh no. She might have threw in the garbage can or... Or accidentally flushed it in the toilet or... Worse , accidentally threw it over the fire. I breathed through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. Im over thinking.

I was looking straight at kirk's side untill I saw a glint of movement from the corner of my eye. I looked at kira and saw her pointing at kirk's side of the room as if it was hell. She stared at it with horror.

"Im not aloud to cross the line." She said with a hint of fear in her voice.
"He might get furious at me." She exclaimed. What is it with the two of them ugh. Then I stood up and walked over to kirk's side. But even before I could step across the line kira stopped me. Putting her hand on my shoulder.

"He's going to get you." She said as if spellbound.

"Pffft." I said simply brushing off her hand. What's kirk gonna do anyways?  So I simply stepped on to his side of the room. I looked back at kira to see her eyes wide with fear.

It seemed like for a moment I was so afraid of kirk. The look on Kira's face sent chills running down my spine. I then ran instantly to his bed and grabbed my journal . Phew. That was close. I then ran back to kira's side. Then ran to the door then exited and said "Im outta here!" Waving my hand at her. She was still in a minor stage of shock but that will pass by.

How terrible could Kirk be?

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