I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Jace’s POV

She continued to scream and writhe and I sat there with her in my arms, helpless. I feared for the worst, had Galen already been sent onto the front lines? Skyler’s body couldn’t take much more of the abuse. The only way to save her….was to let her drink my blood, it would heal her but…I did not know how it would affect her. Her blood could mingle with mine, it could turn her solstice…it could kill her. Her shrieks and whimpers of pain tugged at my heart. I slit my wrist without haste, prayed and pressed it against her lips. At first she struggled but quickly started to drink, her movements slowed and she relaxed in my grip. “That’s right sweetie, drink.” I encouraged, stroking her hair. I felt myself getting weaker, soon I wouldn’t be able to give her anymore. As I tried to pull my wrist away she grabbed hold and pulled it back. Shocked, I wrenched free of her grip but her strength surprised me. Panting, she fell back into my lap and I held her to my chest.

“Skyler, wake up.” She opened her eyes, giving me a weak smile. She cupped my cheek, stroking with the base of her thumb, “Galen….needs help…please….help him…” She stumbled over her words as she spoke and passed out. I kissed her forehead, setting her on the bed. When Adrian came back he’d be pretty upset. First because Galen had been severely hurt and second…I still didn’t know how my blood affected Skyler.

“Jace! Is Skyler okay?!” I heard Adrian call from downstairs.

“We have to go back to base! Now!”

“Is Sky alright?”

“I don’t know but we have to find Galen now!” I commanded and he held out his hand for me at the bottom of the stairs which I cautiously took hold of and I thought I lost my arm as he ran. He was incredibly fast, maybe even more faster than me. I tended to forget halfies were more gifted than vampires ourselves. I was slammed against a barbed wire fence. "Oh shit! Sorry Jace, I couldn't keep your weight back."

"It's alright..." I groaned, pulling the wire from my arm, black blood gushing forth. I saw Adrian noticeably flinch at the sight. I watched my skin sow itself back to together. "Alright, we're going up against a full military base, Adrian I want you to stay here for now, if I'm not back in fifteen charge in, I'll have clearance, you won't and with your speed I'm sure you'll easily outrun the guards." He nodded in reply.

"See ya." I dashed off, flinching as I heard the alarms sound, bullets clicking into the pavement as I ran. I knew in this instant that my brother was here, I had clearance to any base, this one included. He didn't want me here, Adrian must have told him who Skyler was bonded to. He searched records, he pulled strings, he would know where Skyler was...I felt something pierce my knee and I rolled to the ground. "Dammit."

"Hello brother." Rayas growled. I heard the click of a gun reloading and looked up to find myself surrounded.

"Fuck off Rayas! What's the big idea!? Put your guns down men!" I barked orders but they wouldn’t follow suit. "You are now a fugitive Mr. Prince Charming." Rayas announced.

"Now why might you be here?"

"To save Skyler's mate." I hissed. "Your too late Rayas, she ready fucked 'em." He visibly tensed up and then smirked after a few moments, studying my face. "You’re lying through your teeth." I heard gunfire down the hallway, guards turning around. I quickly snatched the gun from one of their belts, the pain in moving my leg ached severely but I ignored it. I tugged Rayas back, roughly, pressing the muzzle of the gun to his temple.

"Where is he?" "I'm not telling you." He hissed, his movements swift and twisted my wrist back, the gun flying and colliding with the floor. I blocked his hand before it could touch my chest and we played mind games with each other, circling. The soldiers had left to fight Adrian, hopefully he would find Galen while I dealt with Rayas. "Where's Skyler? Surely you didn't leave her all alone." He asked, smirking. I tensed up.

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