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Chicago, Illinois

Apartment 37

Lower Kings St

Residence: Camila Cabello and Jason Sanders


Camila is sitting on the couch, mindlessly watching TV. Her favorite episode of Tom & Jerry is on, but she's not paying it much attention. She's too busy thinking about how different her life is, and how much has changed. It's amazing how far she has come, she still thinks this is all one sick dream.

Camila begins to think about Jason and how much the both of them have been through. A buzzing noise draws her out of her thoughts.
Her phone rings on the coffee table where her legs are resting. She checks the caller ID and see's that it's her boss Jason giving her a call.

4 Years Ago

"What's a pretty lady like you sitting out here behind the back entrance of a bar alone in the streets of Chicago?" A young man with short brown hair calls out to Camila. She looks at him questionably thinking he's just some drunk and turns her head the other way. The man doesn't take the hint and keeps going.

"What's your story? You gotta be what, 14? Where are your parents?" The look on his face seems caring, but Camila doubted it - not trusting this guys intentions one bit.

"Who are you and why do you even care?" Camila asks, annoyance was set in her tone.

"Woah, okay you need to chill. Look, I'm about to buy some coffee down the street. Do you want a cup?" He offered with a small smile on his face.

"No." Camila said, followed by an eye roll.

"It's fucking 22 degrees, all you have is a ripped garbage bag to keep you warm." The guy scoffed, annoyed with how ridiculous the girl was acting.

"I'm aware of my shitty situation, thank you." Camila spat - already hearing enough from whoever this guy thinks he is.

"Look lady, I'm trying to be nice, but whatever fuck you." The man turns to leave until Camila calls out for him.

"Wait, just... why?" The tone in Camila's voice has softened, feeling bad for lashing out the way she did.

"Why what?" The guy turns around shocked that this girl wants to speak to him after the conversation they just had seconds ago.

"Why are you being so nice. I'm a hobo. Aren't you suppose to ignore me and act like I'm a bug on the ground?" The face Camila made after saying that was so cute his heart swelled, but he would never admit to that.

"Yeah, but.." He was confused, what is her point?

"But what?"

The young man wanted to say 'because you're pretty, young and shouldn't be out here alone', but decided not to be a flirt for once.

"You're so young. This isn't safe." He doesn't know what it is, but there's something about this girl that intrigues him and it's more than just her physical beauty.

"Nothing is safe." Camila pointed, with a raise of an eyebrow.

"That's true." The man scratches at his chin in thought. "What's your name?"

"Camila. What's yours?"

"Jason. Jason Nichols."

"Cabello. How old are you?"

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