Chapter 27

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(Your Pov)

You woke up the next morning with both Elizabeth and Mey-Rin at your bedside."Good Morning Lady Phantomhive."Mey-Rin said gleefully.You sat up scratching your head frizzing up your hair."Phantomhive?Lady"You questioned."Yes the young master proposed to you!"Mey-rin said as she clapped her hands together.

You slammed Ciel's study door open."Ciel Phantomhive!!"You shouted as you stormed over to his desk."Yes?"Ciel said without looking up from his papers."Are we really getting married?"You asked slamming your hands down on his desk.

He looked up."Yes,now Y/N your father and Mey-Rin will be taking you to get a wedding dress."He said smiling.You gleefully clapped your hands together."Can Grell come?!"You asked."Im not the one taking you Y/N."Ciel replied looking back down at his papers.You ran out the room and down to the kitchen.You didn't find your father but Bard instead."Bard...wheres my father?"You said in a desperate tone.

"I think hes in his room."He replied pulling out a flame thrower."Thank you..and ill be taking this."You said taking the flame thrower.You didn't know where his room was so you just followed the scent of a cat.You kicked down your father's door with a big smirk on your face."Father!!"You yelled.His room was in absence of him."Yes my little Angel."He said from behind you.(as in fallen angel)

You turned around."Don't do that!You scared me.Your father let out a small sigh."what do you need?"He said.

"Can grell-senpai come?"You asked smiling sheepishly.

"No and that wretch isn't your 'senpai'."He replied.

"Please Father."


"Please please please."

"Y/N keep this up and i'll ground you.No is No."

You stuck your tongue out and stormed off pouting.


"Lady Phantomhive."Mey-Rin said knocking on your door.You opened your door to see Mey-Rin in her normal Attire."Are you ready Lady Phantomhive?"She asked."Yes."You said following Mey-Rin to the main entrance.

You tried on a few dresses but found one that really suited your taste.It was a lovely  dress with diamonds holding it into bundles."Daddy,can i try this one?" 

 "Yes,princess."He said smiling."Mr.Sebastian called her princess."Mey-Rin said fangirling in the corner.


You walked out the dressing room with the dress on.Mey-Rin and Grell's eyes lit up."Lady Phantomhive that looks beautiful on you!"Mey-rin exclaimed."Uh...thank you..."You said with a small smile on your face.Your smile faded when you felt a sharp pain in your lower abdomen.Your father looked up at you."Y/N,is something wrong?"He asked walking over to you."Y-yeah,im fine..."You said before running to the bathroom.You locked the door before quickly turning towards the toilet and coughing up everything you have digested.

"Lady Phantomhive are you okay?"Mey-Rin's voice cracked from the other side of the door."Tell my father to pay for the dress.Hurry along Mey-Rin."You said,fast with your words.You heard her feet patter away from the door.You took off then soon walked out the door.

'I know me and lizzy have just became friends but i have to tell her.Mey-Rin and Grell will just yell out "WHAT YOU'RE PREGNANT!!" then get me in trouble.'

"Daddy,Can wepay a visit to the Midford Manor?"You asked looking up at him.

"Yes anything you wish the day before your wedding.Except a master."He replied.

"You said anything you idgit!"You retorted.


"WHAT!!"Elizabeth yelled."Im pregnant,but please.....please dont tell anyone until im ready."You said looking away."Okay,but i will assist you through-didnt you have a maid?"She questioned."Yeah shes been called in my place to lead in the war against heaven and hellllllo cute teddy bear!"You said snatching up a cute teddy bear."Aww i know my brother gave me that last week!!"Elizabeth squealed as she ran around the room gathering clothing.She stuffed it all in a suitcase neatly."Lets go."She beckoned.

~~Day Of The Wedding~~

You quickly got up and ran to the bathroom,throwing up."Aw,Y/N is your morning sickness getting to you again?"Elizabeth said patting your back as more shiz pured out your mouth."Y-Yes."You said wiping your mouth.

"WHERE'S MY GRAND DAUGHTER!!!"You heard your grandfather yell.You soon heard your room door fall to the ground."Oh crap.."You sighed under your breath."Uncle satan....please dont embarrass me."You continued,talking to your self.He soon busted through the door."Y/N!!Im so happy to see you again!"He said cheerefully.He hugged and squeezed allthe air out your body.

"Thank you,uncle satan."You said looking away."Oh you can just call me grandpa,i wont feel old."He said frizzing up your hair.YOu pushed him out."Yeah yeah.Please do excuse me grandfather but i have a wedding that starts in like an hour and thirty minutes from now so....bye bye."You said,closing the door.You put on a simple dress then headed down for breakfast.

"Y/N."Ciel spoke.


"Do you really want to get married."

Your grandfather choked on what he was eating

"MARRIAGE!!"He yelled.

You and Ciel turned your attention  to him."Yes were getting married."You replied to his outburst.

"SEBASTIAN!!"Your grandfather yelled.Your father soon came into the dining room."Yes Father?"Your father said standing before your grandfather."Why didnt you tell me Y/N was getting married?!"He said through gritted teeth."I knew this would be your reaction."Your father replied."HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!?"Your uncle yelled."It was an order not to interfere in their relationship."Your father and Grandfather went back and fourth with each other.

As for everyone else in the manor,they were preparing for the wedding.You had your dress on and just waited for your hair stylist to come.Your door opened and a lady came behind you grabbing the comb off your dresser."You know ive always dreamed of preparing you for your wedding."The lady spoke.You recognized the voice."Jewels!!"You said jumping up.She chuckled and hugged you.

You had jewels do (hair style) and you met up with your father.(Okay so ive never been to a wedding befor dont know what you do so skip.)

"Ciel Phantomhive,do take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do."Ciel said looking over at you with a smile on his face.

"and Y/N Michaelis,do you take Ciel to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do."You said returning the smile.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Ciel cupped your face and leaned in to kiss you.


" going to tell him."You said motivationally.You walked to the talk of the stair case."Attention Everyone."Jewels called out.Everyone in the ballroom turned their attention towards you."I have an announcement, a wedding gift i want you to pregnant."You said blushing.Ciel smiled and walked towards you."Y/N,we can start our family with this baby your carrying."He said befor kissing your cheek."Thank you."He said.

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