Chapter Eighty Six

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The investigation was not going in favor of the dragons or the sanctuary, all because of Sultan's documented attacks. He was proven to be a liability to workers but Anora couldn't keep quiet, arguing with the officials constantly.

She argued that people didn't come to work for the sanctuary in order to give a dragon a belly rub, they were well of the dangers that were involved. Sultan wasn't a liability or a danger, he was a dragon doing what dragons naturally did. Eventually, after several verbal warnings to control her temper, Anora was dismissed from the field, being instructed to no longer assist or include her input.

Charlie had thought he had seen her angry before, but the Anora that stomped away from the officials was a whole new form of angry.

"It's probably for the best right now." Gabriella said. "If the officials aren't upset, they'll more than likely be a lot more lenient towards the dragons. Anora wasn't helping the situation at all by getting all worked up and feisty."

"Anora cares greatly about the dragons," Charlie said, "as do I. I just hope you know what you're talking about Gabriella. Because if anything happens to Norberta and Roscoe, you could consider our time here over more than likely."

Sitting himself next to Magnus in the dining hall, Charlie rubbed his hands over his face. He hadn't been able to get Anora to come out of the room to eat some dinner.

"Anora still troubling you?" Magnus asked him before biting into his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"She won't come out of the room and she's pretty much going on a hunger strike."

"It's understandable, she's upset right now. I understand the both of you are, but she handles her emotions in a different way than you do. You are the calm and collective one of the relationship, whereas Anora tends to be much more vocal and loud in her approach. You two are very different spirits, but you compliment each other quite nicely."

"Thank you?" Charlie wasn't sure if that was Magnus' way of saying they made a good couple or not.

"It's a compliment." Magnus chuckled. "Have you ever heard of dragon spirits?"


"I see two very strong dragon spirits residing in you and Anora. There are different kinds, that follow the elements. Your spirit dragon would be air. While you come across as calm in nature, your presence calls for respect. Many look to you for inspiration and wisdom. You hold a gentle tone, so you do not come across as intimidating, it makes it easy for people to approach you. You offer comfort to many by just being around."

"Thank you, Magnus." Charlie smiled feeling pretty good about himself in that moment.

"And then you have Anora."

"What's her dragon spirit?"

"Fire, of course. You can see it in her eyes, you can hear it in her voice and feel the heat radiate from her presence."

"Sounds about right."

"Fire spirits demand respect. They have courage and energy that they will offer to anyone in need that they care about. Their fire is what they use to protect the ones they love, which is why they come across so hot headed in many instances. They do not think before they act in many cases. It works for them the majority of the time, but it can certainly land them in some trouble. That's why Anora is very lucky to have you. Air and Fire have a beautiful relationship."

"They do?"

"Yes, the air around a fire allows it to grow, but without air a fire will die out."

Charlie smiled as Magnus' words came across as fairly accurate.

"It's funny how even the dragons the two of you work with, are the opposites of what your spirits are. Norberta is the fiery one and is drawn to your air like qualities, and Roscoe being the more mellow airy type, he is drawn to Anora's fire."

"How do you know all this stuff, Magnus?"

"As I've said before, when you've been around as long as I have, you pick up on many things. You and Anora already know so much for your young age, I'm only hoping to pass my knowledge along to those who truly care."

Roscoe was trying to drink some water as he kept a close eye on Anora who was downstream angrily tossing rocks into the water. The woman had been in a foul mood since the strangers arrived to the sanctuary, and kept mumbling such colorful words under her breath.

He walked over to her, she didn't seem to notice or she didn't care that he was behind until he used his head and nudged her into the water.

Hopefully, that would cool her down.

She emerged from the water with a glare but it slowly softened as she began laughing.

"What the hell Roscoe?!" she said standing up as her clothes dripped all over. He lowered his head to return to his drink but found himself being splashed at.

He let out a loud roar annoyed by the water hitting him.

"Yeah, you don't like it do you?" She went to climb out of the water, but Roscoe knocked her back again triumphantly.

"That's how you want to play it, then?"

Magnus was walking with one of the officials who was asking all sorts of questions when they heard a scream in the distance.

When they arrived on scene, they found Anora in the water laughing, shielding herself from the water that was coming her way from Roscoe's tail splash.

The official stood beside Magnus completely dumbfounded.

"Dragons..." Magnus began. "Vicious creatures."

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