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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Loves Beginnings

3 years later....

It was year 5 at Hogwarts, Harry Ron Hermione and Endeavour were as close as can be. Harry and Endeavour spent as much time together as possible, sometimes with Ron and Hermione they went on a double date, though Ron and Hermione had their eyes on other people.

Class had just gotten over for the day and it was 2 hours before dinner. Professor Dumbledore had made it mandatory for all students to have a buddy... he called this the buddy system. Hermione had paired up with Ron only because they were always together because of activities and Harry chose Endeavour.

"Hey guys... I got to go to the Owlery and send a note to my mum and dad to see how they are doing." Harry spoke to Hermione and Ron.

"Endeavour" Harry called as he began walking off.

Endeavour and Harry walked through the castle and down the clock tower. Stopping Harry took Endeavour's hand and pulled her off to the side.

"Endeavour... be my girlfriend?" Harry questioned

Endeavour flushed nervously and looked around. Walking forward she looked over into the courtyard below watching as an older couple sat on a bench and kissed. Turning around she looked to Harry.

"Why... I need to know why you like me Harry"

Harry walked over beside her and looked over the balcony following her eyesight.

"I... I feel strongly about you and I want to court you"

Shaking her head Endeavour crossed her arms

"Why" she repeated

"It's not something that I can explain, the first time I met you I felt like I needed to be around you. When you cried I wanted to be the one to comfort you. When your brother had you dangling upside down and dropped you into the lake I could think of nothing else but getting to you."

Looking out towards the lake, the memory of him swimming towards Endeavour crossed through his mind.

"When I jumped into the water, I jumped in not knowing how to swim, all I knew is that I needed you to live."

A tear dripped down along her face and her nose turned pink against her alabaster colored skin.

"I've never had anyone care so much about me before" Endeavour said as she wrapped her arms around Harry.

Harry lifted his arms slowly and wrapped them comfortingly around her.

"What about your family" Harry whispered

Endeavour tilted her head back showing her tear-filled eyes

"My family doesn't care about me, the first few years yeah. But when I started bonding to my sister they practically saw me as nothing but garbage"

Squeezing a bit tighter Harry let go and lifted his hand to wipe away her tears.

"Don't let your family get to you, you're a good person with a great heart and personality and if they can't see that and accept you then don't waste your time trying to please them. Just be yourself"

Harry said as he looked down towards her hand and held out his.

"Do you trust me" Harry whispered

"I trust you with my life Harry"

"Date me?"

Thinking over every possible scenario Endeavour came to the conclusion that as long as Harry was in her life she would feel safe, happy, and loved.

Nodding Endeavour took his hand.

"Okay... I'll be your girlfriend"

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