chapter 12

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  • Dedicated to darian McCrady

Everybody closed there eyes hoping that this time it wouldn't blow up and a few seconds later the bomb started to talk and it said

"You cut the wire congrates" a screen popped out and showed a happy face with it smile increasing every time you blinked.

"What work is this." yelled Nick

I looked up at my mom stud up and grinned I (or should i say i)took of  the mask that was placed on my face and looked exactly like my face.

The person under the mask was a girl a pretty girl. She had black silk hair and a black leather jacket. her leather jacket was unzipped some what. her black leather pants were super tight. She turned to face feared wide eyed nic and punched him in the eye which left him knocking to the ground.

Seamus  walked up with nics cigarette stabbing the flaming half of the cigarette into her arm which then made her arm go on fire. She stared at it anxious and smacked it twice which went out.

john the man holding Nicolas's brief case walked up to the lady and said "You know i really don't want to do this to you because i don't hurt pretty Lady's like ya."

He looked over at my mom and swung his brief case towards her. She grabbed to breve case and smacked it to his stomach he let out a relief

"Well thanks i was havin' some trouble breathin'"said john

the lady shook her head and waked him in the head this time and it sounded to me that he  just barfed.she twisted his arm which made him fall the the ground she sat on him and whispered in his ear. "and my name is Carmela."

"Carmela." john said and whistled

Carmela stepped on his as her high hells dug into his back which left the silent room with a screech.

"What have you done with my daughter," my mother said while crying.

"Oh well you don't have to worry cause i put her in a factory where she will be packaged up and shipped to Australia.

Mom ran out the door while Carmela was chasing after her taking out a gun from her pocket. mom hopped in her car and Carmela shot the back window which made glass shatter down onto the road and into the car she also shot the side window she drove a long ways and sped through cars and through red lights and she came to a stop in the police station parking lot. she ran out and into the police station. at the front desk the man said

"How may  i help you?" the man at the front desk asked.

"a girl named carmela has stolen m-m-y daugter an tuk 'er to the factory to get shipped off to a-a-a-a-astral-l-l-l-"mumbled my mom

"Australia?" asked the person at the front desk


"What happened to your arm?"the the man asked

"Uh what,"mom said while wiping away her tears that were dripping down from her eyes.

she looked down at her arm closed her eyes and fell down to the ground in faint.

"uh ah ah DOCTOR I MEAN POLICE," he yelled

police man came rushing over to se what was the problem.

"take her to the hospital," demanded the head of the police.

two police man came and one stood by her head and the other by her feet. they picked her up and an other police pulled out a gurnie from an all glass room. They gently but fastly put her on the gurnie and rolled her out to the ambilenece where they would put her in side.

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