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Y/n was enjoying his time off from college he just finished 4 years for studying to be a teacher. He was in his home watching tv until he got a text that read "I need help, please help me (insert random address)" y/n was confused he didn't know the number or why he got a random text but decided to go and see what was going on. Y/n is a nice guy he likes helping people and is very generous.

As he was pulling up he realized it was a abandoned house and didn't know if he was being pranked for some reason he was scared but wanted to help, he wanted to find out who needed help and who sent the text. As he went closer he heard crying and opened the door y/n started shouting "What is going on" and "Where are you". That's what he said then a few seconds later he heard the crying get louder and decided to go find out where it was coming from.

As y/n went to the back of the house he had a weird feeling in his stomach and he was scared. As y/n opened the door he saw a body laying on the floor it looked like a female body because her curves were so defined y/n found her familiar as he went closer y/n realized she was shivering as he went to touch her to see if she was okay. she turned around and quickly jumped on him wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist he didn't know who it was but it felt right he felt a spark when she hugged him.

As y/n is being hugged by this random woman he realized she stopped hugging and looked him right in the eyes, his eyes grew wider and his jaw dropped and he said "C-camila is I-t r-reall-y y-you?" she slowly nodded tears running down her face and he also started crying uncontrollably and hugged her really tight he held her close, in all reality he knew he should have never left her in the first place.

This is a introduction to my first story! you are a 22 year old male and Camila is 21 in this story. In chapter 1 you will find out more about y/n and Camila's relationship.
I feel like boy Harmonizers don't get to read much stories from a guys perspective. So most of the time I write y/n is a male.
It's only fair lol
I Also want to thank CamilasPapi for helping out with the story. If I get enough votes I will put up the first chapter. Byeeeeee •Nuny

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