Chapter Forty-One ~ Running From You Problems Never Work

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*Wynter's POV*

It was chaotic as soon as it was announced we were leaving tonight. While the boys only had to pack appropriately, all of us girls had to pack for everything since we didn't know where we were going and all of us but El had to call our families. For me, that was Lauren. Hazel offered to drive Aqua home while I went with Scarlet to her house. I was on Scarlet's phone the whole ride. "What do you mean you're going on vacation?" She asked a little sadly. "The boys are taking us five on a surprise vacation tonight."

"We'll cant you stay? How long will you be gone?!" She sounded desperate and it was breaking my heart. "l can't stay sweetie. That would waste money; they already bought the tickets. I don't know when I'll be back, but I promise I won't be gone for long." I used a comforting voice to try and raise her spirits. "Aright..." she sighed. "Take lots of pictures. Oh! And get me something!"

I chuckled. "Of course." Scarlet pulled into her driveway and cut off the engine. "l gotta go, there's a lot of packing to do. I love you."

"Love you too," she replied. I hung up and got out of the car, walking in behind Scarlet. Her parents were at work. We sprinted up the stairs and into her room. We had decided it would be best to get each others opinion on what should be packed and such. To be honest, I was about to flip out due to the excitement racing through me.

It turns out Scarlet and I were both very organized when it came to packing, so we decided it would be easier if we just packed together. We got her three case set from her basement and began the work. All of our bras, underwear, bikinis, belts, feminine products, makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gloves, and hats went in the smallest case. Our shorts and pants went in the medium sized case. And our sweaters, camisoles, tee shirts, coats, and other tops went in the biggest case.

It had been three hours since we'd started packing and we were getting hungry. "Pizza?" I asked her. "Definitely." I grabbed her phone since I still didn't have one and called up Dominos, ordering a large cheese pizza. Next I called Zayn. "Hey, Zayn," I said when he picked up. He recognized my voice and said, "Hey, babe! I've got to get you a new phone."

"Correction: I've got to get myself a new phone. You're lucky you still have balls after buying me a freaking plane ticket." He chuckled, "Wynn, you're about as scary as Niall." I heard someone yell in the background.

"Blah, blah, blah! Anyway, when do we have to be at the airport?" I asked, sitting on the bed next to Scarlet. "Um, our flight leaves at nine so we should be there around eight-thirty," he informed me. "Great!" I said. "Thanks."

"No problem, love. See you later." We said bye and hung up. The time on her phone read three-forty-seven, which meant we had about four hours till we had to leave for the airport. "We have a few hours to spare," I told her with a smile. "Go blast some music; we are gonna have some fun." She didn't hesitate to sprint out of the room with her iPod and I followed her into the living room where she was hooking it up to the surround sound. "l found this amazing song that you have to hear!" she exclaimed.

We were jumping around the living room, singing our hearts out. I couldn't help but feel a form of happiness and peace while I sang, getting upset when it slipped away once I finished the song. Why did I feel that way? "Turn on another one of their songs!" I demanded once it was over, getting anticipated. Soon enough another song came on the surround sound.

This had to be one of the most upbeat songs ever! I was having an absolute blast dancing like a lunatic and got that wonderful feeling again when I started picking up on the lyrics. The doorbell rang and I went to get it, still swinging my hips and bouncing around. I opened it to see a girl in about her twenties, box and receipt ready for our taking.

I shot a death glare at Scarlet when she paid for it. Just as I was about to take the box, the chorus was about to hit and I froze. "Wait!" I exclaimed. Then I began to dance again, singing along. She was a stranger and I loved the feeling I got while singing, so I didn't mind singing in front of her. "Mama told me not to waste my life! She said spread your wings my little butterfly! Don't let what they say keep you up at night, and they can't detain you cause wings are made to flyyyyyy!" I stopped there and took the box from her.

I guess Scarlet had been singing too because the girl said, "You guys should go on X Factor. You have some legit voices." I beamed at her and said, "Thanks!" I waved bye, told her to have a good day, and closed the door. We went into the living room and began chowing down. When seven rolled around, we went and changed into our outfits we'd set aside for the plane ride.

I was in a pair of creme colored leggings, a navy blue sweater, navy blue Uggs, and my hair was in a French braid. I already had concealer and mascara on from earlier. Scarlet was in light pink leggings, an off-the-shoulder black tee shirt that hung sort of loose, grey vans, and she was wearing no makeup with her hair in a side braid.

We shoved her IPod and phone into a drawstring bag along with our wallets and some granola bars. She took the biggest suitcase downstairs while I grabbed the two smaller ones. Just as I reached the bottom of the stairs, a van pulled into the driveway. We carried our luggage out to the car and Paul stepped out to help us load it.

Once everything was in the trunk, we climbed into the car. Niall, Aqua, and Harry were in back. Scarlet climbed back with them and sat on Harry's lap with her back against the window. Liam was in the passenger seat with Paul driving. Eleanor, Louis, Zayn and Hazel were in the middle seats with El on Louis' lap. I climbed in and sat on Zayn's lap, putting most of my weight on my legs.

"You're not heavy," he whispered in my ear. I felt his arms around my waist, gently leaning me against his chest and off my legs. Halfway to the airport a Little Mix song, Wings, just had to come on the radio! I definitely wasn't going sing in front of the boys, but I wanted to sing so bad! My head snapped to Scarlet and we both smiled as the song began.

"Zayn, I'm plugging your ears." Before he could reply, I'd place my hands over his ears. Scarlet did the same to Harry and soon the other girls had done the same to the others and Paul was the only one who could still hear. Scarlet and I began to sing loud, but quiet enough so the boys couldn't hear. When it was over, I said, "That never happened," to Paul and he nodded, eyes still wide in shock We uncovered the boys ears. "Why can't I hear you sing?" Zayn asked. I poked his nose. "Because you would laugh at me." He shook his head. "Never."

When we got to the airport we parked in the parking garage, grabbed our luggage and heading towards the building. Zayn took my medium sized suitcase even though I told him I could carry it since he only had one. Guys and their simple packing. So instead I walked beside him with my one suitcase.

When I started heading towards the desk to look for our flight, Zayn stopped me. "We have a private jet," he explained and my eyes about popped out of their sockets. "It's the best way to keep fans from finding out where we are going." I nodded in understanding and followed the group through the airport.

We were eventually walked outside by security and to a jet with stairs leading from the ground to an open door, flight attendants waiting outside. We gave them our luggage and they began to load it. "This is the best service ever," I said to myself and Zayn laughed. When I got inside the plane, I almost tripped over my feet. I would've if Zayn hadn't been holding my waist. There were leather couches, a mini fridge, a TV and DVD player.

A curtain led to another section up front and then a hallway towards the back led to a bathroom. We had to go on the other side of the curtain where the chairs were to buckle in until we were in the air, but as soon as we were, I went back to one the chairs and curled up to sleep. The last thing I remember is the space beside me sinking in and Zayn's cologne.

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