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Y/n pov

I'm different. And different is bad. If you're different, no one likes you. If you're different, you have no friends. Family. Nothing. If you're different, people want you dead. You may even want yourself dead. It would be easier, different's always die in the end. Whether it be by murder, suicide, or simply, you become an empty shell. I choose choice B. 'Different's always Die'. I didn't always look at the world like that. No. Not until the person I called 'mom' told me that. 
Different's always die.
After that, I was alone.  I didn't have a home, food, nothing. And for what? Because I was different. How? you may be wondering at this point. I looked similar to a cat. I had big F/c ears and a matching tail, even slitted eyes. Right now, I was going threw a forest. It seemed....different. There weren't any animals. But hey, a different girl in a different forest. This would be the perfect place to pull out my plan. So, with a small smile, I found a tree, different from the rest. it was large, with branches stripped bare of their bark, a dirty white color left. I sat under it, a chill racing up my spine. 'Strange' I thought, the air suddenly felt thicker, thick with an unknown difference. I ignored it, instead pulling out a razor. I pressed it to my skin, taking a deep breath and pressing down. "Well heEY THERE!"  AN unknown voice yelled, a face suddenly appearing in front of me. A screamed, dropping the object and slamming myself against the tree. There was a boy hanging upside down in front of me. He laughed loudly, swinging back and fourth slightly. When I regained my ability to think, I hissed, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?" I had a short temper. He simply laughed harder, so much that he fell from the branch, landing with a loud 'thump' in front of me. My ears laid back, mt tail -slightly fluffed up- flicked angrily. When he calmed down slightly, he sat up, speaking, "Haha, that was fun." I opened my mouth to yell at him again, but closed it, realizing how...different he looked. He had normal looking brown hair, but his eyes, they were a mix of purple and red. He wore a purple robe, with red designs and grey bordering. It looked like something an ancient civilization would wear. He tilted his head to the side, "What? Something wrong?" "Yes." I snapped, "You. Everything about you is wrong!" I stood up -grabbing my razor of course- and turned to leave. He got up as well, standing in front of me, and blocking my way. He grinned, "Well of course, there's a lot of things wrong with me! For instance," He pulled out a blood stained knife, "I have this thing! And I was supposed to cut your heart out with it...but I don't know why I didn't!?" His voice was laced with sarcasm. I took a step back, hitting the tree, by now, I was scared. He flung it over his shoulder, "But oh well! Anyways, you're different too! Being a Neko and al-" "A-a what?" He chuckled, "You know? A cat hybrid? Anime slang. I think." He changed the subject before I could talk, "On another note! Why do you have that?"  "Have what?" I pretended I didn't know what he meant. He held out his palm, the silver razor in it, "This!" I gasped in disbelief, checking my pockets, "Wh-what!? How did you do that!?" He didn't even touch me in any way. He laughed again, twisting his hand and curling his fingers, suddenly, it was gone, "Simple. Magic!" "Magic isn't real." I said defensively, "It's just an illusion of...of fakeness." He laughed at what I said, "Alright, alright, the things you see by ordinary people, that's fake. But I'm not fake." "Suuure, yeah. Keep telling yourself that." He tilted his head to the side again, "I'll let the insults pass. And I assure you, I am not fake." I glared at him in a challenging way, "Prove it then!" He smirked, "Alright, if it's fake, how did I do this?" He pulled his hand out of his pocket, holding a (F/c) bra. My eyes widened, my hands instantly flew to my chest, "WHAT!?" The by continued to laugh. "G-give that back!" My face was a dark red by now, I attempted to snatch it out of his hands. He, still laughing, aloud me to have it back. "Pervert." I muttered. He giggled, "Correction. I am a magical pervert!" I looked him up and down, "Alright, you proven me wrong, magic does exist. You Magical Pervert." He turned his back to me, "Go ahead, put it back on." I did, quickly. He turned back around, "So, kitty, why need to use this?" The razor appeared back in his hands. "My name's not kitty." I hissed, ignoring the question. "Right, right. You're Y/n." "Okay, stop! I get it! You're magic! Stop!" He chuckled, "Mhm, yep! Answer the question." I ignored it again, "This isn't very fair. What's your name?" He rolled his eyes, "Geez kitty you really don't like this particular question. My name's Seto. Now, answer. The. Question." I shifted uncomfortably, pressing myself farther away from him. I  hesitated, "I-I'm different....d-different people deserve to die." He sputtered out a laugh, "Well, I'm different, I don't deserve to die. Well, maybe for all the murders I've done, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! Annywaaaays, whoever told you this was a liar. You don't deserve to die!" " one....likes me..." Seto gave me a soft smile, "I do." I looked at him in confusion, "Wh-what?" He chuckled, "We're alike. No one accepts us, they hate us. However, unlike you, this drove me insane. You seem like you're sad, wanting to die like this. It seems you just need a friend, and a hug." He held his arms out. I couldn't resist, lerching foreword, and hugging him tightly. He hugged me back of course. It was the bets hug I've ever had. Possibly the only one. It was warm, and almost loving. I found that I was crying slightly, and shaking. Seto simply held me. After a few moments, he pulled away, "Come on, I have a place you can stay at." He turned away and started walking threw the woods. I quickly followed him, smiling slightly.

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